Reading Experiences with the Thoth...

Dee 04

On some threads I have read about people's experiences in reading with certain decks (some positive and some negative).
Many of us have commented on how we feel about the Thoth deck as a deck (i.e. art, symbols, etc) but I want to know if anyone wants to share what their experience has been READING with this deck. I know many people that feel that their accuracy jumps with this deck, others say the reading is much more intense... I really have not started reading with it yet but I am curious.. what do ya'll think???? :)

Dee 04

also, please include how long you've been working with the deck.


Hi Dee. :)

Thoth AND Voyager? you're a busy girl!

I recently purchased the Thoth too, though haven't really read with it yet. I am interested to hear what others' experiences are. I can't wait to really dig in to this deck, it seems like there is so much there!
one thing about it that turns me off a little is the size.... it's just too big to get my hands around to shuffle!


joya, you must have gotten your hands on a large thoth deck. There is a smaller "regular" size also.

Well, I've posted quite a bit lately about the thoth. I bought the deck about a month? ago now. It has, needless to say, caused some pretty intense feelings within me. Read about it in the other post about being drawn to decks you don't like if you're interested.

But I've done a couple of spreads and been surprised at how "normal" they seem. After all my back and forth feelings I thought I'd get intense readings, but they've been pretty tame. One was negative, but not horribly and the other was pretty positive. (shrug) Now I'm wondering what all the fuss was for (within myself).

I have done a cleansing/clearing with the deck just recently and haven't done any readings with it since. I put some essential oil on the edges and am letting the deck "bake" :) in it's box. But I am getting much better "vibes" now. So I'm curious to see what happens now.

I've heard others say how their tarot experiences were raised to another level by using this deck. So far that hasn't happened with me. But thoth is still very new to me. Who knows what'll happen in the future.


glad to see you're still working with the thoth! in fact, prompted by your interest, i pulled mine (large, green, u.s. games edition) off the shelf again a coupla weeks ago.
i get good readings with this deck, probably 'cuz it's one that i first learned with. that is, when i initially studied card meanings, i paralleled the analysis between the thoth and the waite symbolism. there are at least couple of books out there that do this comparitive thing. anyway, my readings are good, but not extraordinary or weird or anything.
one thing i notice is that the keywords don't always concur with what i am getting from the cards. i find it strange that crowley promoted elementals, yet limits the cards with keywords. this seems contradictory to me. however, i also find that i don't hafta pay attention to the keywords. there's a lot of "don't haftas" that i'm just figuring out!
BTW, i've recently caught a glimpse of a book specifically about the keywords of the thoth deck. i only just saw it on the shelf, so i don't know the author/publisher, but i'm keeping a look out for it again.
also, i'll read with this deck for awhile--a month or two, then the images will suddenly do nothing for me, and i won't want to read with it again. it's not a spooky thing from the crowley background, it's just the art, i believe.
the thoth, however, remains a deck that i often consult for study, like the universal waite deck. i like that there are numerous books that offer in-depth analysis of this deck, which always leads me to an abundance of insight into all of tarot.


it's been about two years.

Dee 04

i am glad to hear that your interest has resurfaced! I absolutely love this deck - it is liek my favorite... Well, this and the Voyager (wink, wink, Joya!). :)

Taz, what other books are out there that I should know about?

Joya, how are you enjoying the Thoth?

Faunabay, I am glad to hear that some of your previous concerns are discipating!