reading for feedback


Open to sitters! Reading in exchange for feedback.


Hi! I'd like to sit. I don't have a specific question, just whatever the cards would like to say.


Hello! Haven't had one from you before.

Can I ask for advice about my connection with R .... is he sincere etc ... we have been seeing each other but he is still using the dating app we met on...not sure if he is just being open as its early days or if he is a player?! i have feeling his interest has waned in me although he says he wants to see me neck week.

Is it good for me to keep seeing him?

Feel free to Re word how you feel suits you though x

manuel ruiz

tell me anything that the cards wanna tell me,


Hey, may I?

How is A affected by my action? (I'm doing something to get farther away from him).

To clarify: how does he feel?


Hey silvereye,

Just wondering what you might pick up re:my creative calling? I'm feeling a bit stuck with that lately.

Thank you!


can i ask please what will come up fpr me and T? i feel there will be a change soon, no idea if i will let go of him or things will change?


Hello! May I please ask what's coming up for me in love over the next few months? I am currently single. Thanks :)


Hi , May I?Can you connect my friend (male) C to me and tell me what you can about our connection moving forward?


I want to know why does A block out his emotions towards me if that's he case.

Thank you.