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hey are you taking anymore sitters?

I had a dream last night about my crush F and usually he never talks or looks at me in my dreams but last night he looked soo gorgeous and he touched my earrings then my nose and flirtingly told me to get my nose pierced and i was kind of mad at home. Not serisouly and he was leaning against my car so i just ignored him and got into my card.

Everytime i have a dream about F it means something, can you see what it could mean?

Hi i drew a card for you and the wheel came up! Are you currently single? I am guessing you have been single for a while but this card indicates the tide is turning, you will experience a positive change soon. I then asked the Angel Answes oracle and interestingly the card "Remain Positive" came up which reinforces the tarot card meaning that there'sa very positive momentum building towards something good!

Hope this helps and i look forward to your feedback.


Hi i would like to sit too :)

I would like a love forecast for the month may im single ;)

Hi i did a three card spread for you and got the following cards
two of earth, seven of air and nine of fire.

I think this means that you have had various flings or potential relationships or targets so you have been too distracted by all the potential love interests. This attitude works towards your disadvantage and you may even be inclined to date someone that you aren't genuinely interested in. The nine of fire suggests that you should hold out and not compromise yourself for anyone you meet this month.

The Angel card says you wont meet the right person this month. So i asked what other guidance they can offer you and the card "no need to worry" popped up! I guess this is quite clear an answer that the right one will come along, no need to worry at all but Just this month.

Hope this helps andi look forward to your feedback.


Why does purple fatty not see a future with lady in red anymore?


I applied for a new job (promotion) at my current place of work. I had an interview Tuesday and would like to know if I would be successful in getting the job.

Thanks xx


I did a past present future spread for you and gather that you felt you were always compromising in your original job and you Have been considering applying for that job for a long time Just waiting for the perfect timing. The present card is knight of fire, showing your restlessness. The future card is eight of waters showing that you will move on but possibly not to thisposition that you applied for. To clarify i drew another card and got the three of earth which suggests that you will needa job that allows you to express your creativity. In short i don't think you will get this promotion and it might not be appropriate for you.

I drew an angel oracle to ask what advice they can give and got the card "helpful people" which suggests that you Will need someone's help to get to where you want maybe someone to put in a good word for you. You Will need to do more networking.

Hope this helps and i look forward to your feedback.


Hi please elaborate your question and provide some background
Both are dating but relationship is not strong like before

Purple fatty is leaving lady​ in red was a good relationship.. purple fatty boy lady in red girl..


Hi Silvereye!

May I sit for you?

If so, I would like to ask If I buy the SUV that I want, how will it affect me? It should be fine, but making sure lol


No problem at all. Is this going to be a family car as i see thev six of waters popping up. There's a five of airs so id suggest you double check if this is the right price and time to buy the car. There s a king of fire so you might wish to consult an expert or friend
Whos familiar with the car or the model before you purchase. Im a bit weary of the 5 of airs which cautions against acting on your impulse.

I asked the Angel Answers oracle and the card "ask for help from others" came up! Hence i would suggest you hold off buying for now and do a bit more research and consult friends or family memmbers regarding this purchase they might give you some valuable advice.

Hope this helps. Look forward to your feedback.


Are you still open? I can exchange immediately if you are.

I'm wondering what will happen if I go to jfk7 today? It's my job.


Are you still open? I can exchange immediately if you are.

I'm wondering what will happen if I go to jfk7 today? It's my job.

Hi i am still open but cannot respond immediately due to time zone differences. Cheers!


Hi i did a past present future spread for you

Past - the magician , this is a positive card so you must have started ona good footing with A previously and both sides have favorable feelings towards each other.

Present -Nine of Airs - this shows that A is currently under a lot of stress and worries which is why he is not in a position to focus on your relationship with him at the moment. He is too stressed to think about anything else.

Future -the Hermit - it seems unlikely he will reach out to you on his own accord because he will be going through a phase of self reflection and become even more withdrawn.

I ask the angels what you can do given the circumstances and the Archangel Oracle says you already know what's the correct action to take in your heart, whether to give him space or reach out witha helping hand. The other card i drew actually said "forgivness" which i would interpret as first step you need to forgive him for his sudden withdrawal.

Hope this helps and i look forward to your feedback

Thank you. Yes it makes sense.
In the past I could feel their connection.
In the present their mind is elsewhere and yes in the future as long as it is in the near future they would be still withdrawn.
I was really surprised by the oracle's message.
I do know the answer but it is unsatisfying not because it isn't good and viable but because of my mentality.
All I know now is to wait and yes I definitely need to be more forgiving as I still hold grudges against them.