Reading for others


I am sorry Gregory that I made such a defensive stance. Thank you and I am really sorry

love love love:*
Hey - no worries. You asked what I meant, was all. A perfectly reasonable question - I should have said in the first place. I answered. That's fine !


I perform readings for myself, and oh they are very accurate. Don't be afraid to pull cards for yourself.

But yeah you should definitely begin reading for other people. As the comments above have stated, reading for others in these forums is a mighty fine way to get started. Once you get more confident about your skills though, you might want to branch into reading out for family and friends, in actual face-to-face readings. But do get a feel about what they truly think about the Tarot before you even suggest it. They might have negative opinions about divination, and you don't want to drive a wedge into your relationship. If they seem amenable or even eager for it, do remind them to pace their expectations since you're only beginning to read for others, and that it would be nice if they leave feedback too.