reading for twins


I read for a friend, who is a twin, and sometimes I feel that the reading is reflecting the two of them. It is difficult to tell. Has anyone else had this experience? Can anyone tell me how to differentiate between the querant and the twin? Also, are there any cards that might represent the twin in the spread? This is a particular problem with court cards. Any help or opinons would be appreciated.


Interesting! I can't really help as I don't have any twin experience, but generally you do sometimes find that a particular card will pop up representing a particular person (for example when reading for myself the Five of Pentacles invariably represents my partner, but only when reading with one particular deck). I would keep an eye out for any cards that keep popping up all the time when reading for your friend, and see if you notice a pattern.

Perhaps you could also try telling the deck immediately before the reading which card you want to represent your friend and which card you want to represent the twin - like selecting a significator card then putting it back in the deck, but for two people.


Luned's ideas are good.
I cannot think of any cards that would lend themselves to a twin concept, though there are cards that could be seen as "a pair". Perhaps using a couple of the Pages or a couple of the minor arcana 2 cards. I would ask the querent to choose the cards--that would be an interesting exercise in itself!
Identical twins are inherently linked to each other so it's not surprising that a reading for one twin would show the presence or the influence of the other as well as any common ground; however, they may have some differences not readily apparent, such as in personality.
I've known twins. A fraternal set of twins of a girl & a boy born hours apart & very unlike each other in ways other than their gender. Another is identical twin girls born minutes apart. I used to be able to tell them apart by their manner--one was a wee bit more extroverted, the other was more of an introvert. I would use Page-Wands for the first one & Page-Swords for the other.


I?ve never read for twins so I have no experience in this matter. However, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the concept of the doppelganger is sometime represented in the Sun card which is often illustrated showing twins or a pair of small children.

Just a thought.


Blue: Good thought.
I was thinking of The Sun card in the Ancient Egyptian deck, which depicts a young boy & girl.



I am a twin and also a Clairvoyant.
Sometimes when I am given a reading the reader sometimes pics up on my twin sister but we are both very different people and I would say to try and not let your own mind and what you already know come into the reading as this stops you from using your gut feelings.

I must say that I can't do reading for people that I know as I know so much about them.

Also another reason could be that the twin that your reading for could be thinking about the other twin most of the time and you could be picking up on thoughts.

Good luck


Thank you all, this helps.