Reading table crystals


Does anyone keep crystals around during readings, and if so what kind would you recommend?


Good question Alice19

I think readers keep whatever they personally like on their tables.

For example, I have some quartz crystal clusters on my table, why?, because I love crystal clusters and have them around my house. So it just made sense to me to keep them on my reading table. Others may keep feathers, a statue, photographs (I also keep a picture of Pamela Colman Smith framed on my table), whatever they feel they love.

So I think it's more about what YOU like best. Are there certain stones or crystals you feel you resonate more with? Those would be ones I would think of adding. There are threads here where you can see reader's tables and what they keep on them. Perhaps that would also give you some idea as many keep stones or crystals as well as other things.

I'm sure you will make your reading space feel just the way you like it :).

Briar Rose

I feel that any crystal in the quartz family would amplify the vibrational energy that surrounds a reading table.

Plus, you have palm charka's that need opening to help in receiving and giving when you work with your hands. But them you havet close them afterwards.

Some crystal points have what's called WINDOWS, and some points are record keepers and some are trigonic. You can do a meditation with one before you give a reading to help open your third eye. Maybe even hold one, and rub your finger over the windows or pyramids.

If your looking to use crystals for giving readings I would suggest wearing on your skin, the high vibrational crystals like iolite, amethyst, celestite, angelite, nuummite- and there may be more I haven't listed. Sodalite for helping your throat charka as an aid in speaking. But I would keep the crystals in their familes as to not cancel them out.

If I were to set a staged table, but one that would WORK I would smudge it first, grid it for a day to clear the energy and set the bar for a higher vibrational feeling and CLEAR ENERGY. Intention is everything.

However, all this is great and can give you excellent readings. I don't want to diminish my acquaintances on here that give excellent readings anywhere and anytime- with just a deck of cards in their hands. That is all you need.


I have a crystal for each deck that I regularly use and the crystal sits in the pouch with the deck. So when I use a particular deck the crystal sits on the table.
I have an Aquamarine for the Undersea Tarot and a small ruby for the Tarot of Vampyres etc.


If I had a table or area I could dedicate to reading, I think I would really want a Selenite ball in the area. And maybe a good chunk of blue Kyanite. Probably a lower Chakra stone to ground me as well (I've always wanted a nice piece of Rainbow Obsidian).


I have a crystal for each deck that I regularly use and the crystal sits in the pouch with the deck. So when I use a particular deck the crystal sits on the table.
I have an Aquamarine for the Undersea Tarot and a small ruby for the Tarot of Vampyres etc.

I like that idea! Matching the crystal to the deck - I hadn't thought of that!

Julian Jaymes

I usually have a certain chunk of raw amethyst that a friend gifted to me; I also like to hold an Angelite tumble stone in my left (receptive) hand while I read. I do also have an amethyst piece I wear on a necklace 24/7, but that's more for recovery from addiction than psychic ability or anything.

I sometimes also wear another crystal on a longer chain, but I don't have many of those so I don't do that often. :/ Wish I had more! Lol.



I have many, many crystals that I use with readings. I don't really have a designated reading table exactly but wherever I do readings and I feel I want to incorporate crystals, I usually reach for whatever crystals coincide with the topic I'm inquiring about. If it's about work, material life, I usually use Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Carnelian. If it's a reading about love and the like, I use Rose Quartz, Pink Fluorite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz Amethyst, and Jade. If I'm just doing an unspecified topic, I grab whatever "calls" to me which usually is Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Sodalite, Amethyst. I even have stones that I've found myself that I incorporate as well.


I love using crystals when I do readings :D I also use them a lot when I do massage :D

For readings I generally use the same crystals split between my left (for giving as it's closest to the heart) and right (for receiving) pockets.

Herkimer diamonds - I have two which I put in both pockets to help connect to both higher powers and my client
Sodalite - I started off with one but it has now become two as it split along a fault. I put a half in each pocket to help with communication (mine, my guides, and my client)
Smokey quartz - sits in my left pocket for help with grounding and to help me limit how much of my energy goes out
Sugilite - on my right for it white light shield and help with divine love and guidance
Labradorite - on the right for enhancing my intuition and psychic abilities, and for its protecting and shielding properties.
Spiderweb jasper - I made an anklet out of these beads to help me with grounding and seeing connections
I also have a little stone (from my garden) shaped like a lizard head that helps me connect to my ancestors

Black merlinite (aka psilomelane) - currently in a sling around my neck. So many reasons for this one!
Staurolite - I was using this one (in the sling the Merlinite is now in) for a while to help me connect better to my faerie guides. I'm trying to wire wrap it to put in on a chain but that's turning out to be harder then I thought lol

Occasionally I'll feel the need to add others as well like rose quartz, moss agate, or my new piece of iron pyrite that looks a bit like a dragons head.


Among my crystals, I often use prehnite, gold sheen obsidian, Uruguayan amethyst, dumortierite, pietersite, andalmandine garnet. I have a host of other crystals that I use when I feel that it's called for tho. And if I'm going to embark on extra-special readings, I always wear my moldavite ring. I have to use it sparingly because I usually end up getting very exhausted when I do, tho I find that I'm getting better at it. I use black tourmaline once I end my readings.