Reading with Playing Cards...


I have become interested in reading normal playing cards.... I have searched a but but most threads I found are old and links long gone. Does anyone have a link to a system that is well used? I love Enrique's posts but cannot find links to his systems here....

From my research so far I am confused... every system I have found seems to assign a different season for each suit..... is this how it is? Like.... lots of systems rather than one that is widely followed....

Just wondering if I should really go down this road right now..... after several hours of totaly confusing myself!!


I have been using the Personal Prophecy method by Deborah Leigh with very good results.
On Deborah's site she has a group chat room and has a discussion almost every weekend where members can ask questions about her method.

Here is the link to her site:

I compared many different cartomancy methods and found Deborah's card meanings accurate in my daily readings.

Hope to see you over there sometime soon.

ETA: I also recommend the cartomancy forum site which discusses different systems.