Readings for Children/Youth


MeeWah (15 Aug, 2001 06:49):
During their formative years, children are in a state of constant transition; extremely impressionable & maleable.

Well said MeeWah. This should be the first thing readers think about when being approached by a youngster or a parent on behalf of a youngster.


I have read the palms of my two younger cousins, age 8 and 9, with their Mothers permission. And I intend on doing a short session with both soon as well, using the Faerie Oracle. They are both receptive to the idea's of Tarot, and understand about it to a great depth, and I didn't even have to explain it to them! Although I think this is extraordinary on their behalf, I also think that other children could be equally receptive.
But I do agree that you must speak with the parents first. There are so many things going on inside a childs head, if they are taught something contrary to what their parents believe, it could cause problems. Especially if the parents do not believe in Fate to any degree.
I can see that you have good intentions, and I imagine that many children could benefit from a reading with you, I would just hate to see the situation turn ugly.


Quote:Dee (14 Aug, 2001 11:35):
For those of you who read for young people....which is the youngest age you've read for? (I do not know if I'm making myself clear!) At what age do you think a young person can have their first reasding ( and non-parents) :)