Readings for friends


Hello folks,

If it is possible, i want to ask you about readings with your friends,

Did you readings for your friends for free

And is it ethical for me to ask what i want, in exchange for tarot readings?

Because i had readings done with my friend, she never did take my readings seriously but instead after readings with me, she still seeks another readers and willing to pay for the readings but really hates me when i asked for it.

What are your opinions about it and what suggestions that you guys might share to me?




If you feel you're skilled enough to read the cards for money, just tell your friend that you're ready to become professional and that she'll have to start either paying you or bartering for readings by giving you something in exchange. My suggestion is to make it a friendly issue by offering to give her a discount. She may not like it at first but if she likes your readings, she'll probably come around and enjoy your discount. :)


You could say something like: "Now that I'm doing this for a living, I'll have to ask for payment, but I can give you my 'friend rate'." (Or a 'first time discount'.)

This isn't my idea, I saw someone else give this advice! :)


If your friend doesn't want to pay, just tell her to go to someone else. You can even point out that she doesn't take your free readings seriously.What's her job ? Ask her to work for YOU for free, too. }) Hairdresser - you want a free cut. Florist - a nice bouquet for your mom. And so on....

If you are too nice for that, you can say what I actually do say to friends: no, I won't read for you - I know too much about you and that might influence what I get from the cards.


I do readings for friends once in a while. I did have one friend who was meeting me for weekly readings, without other conversation. I did start charging her.


Had a friend of a friend who always wanted readings, at first I gave her a couple but once it got to be to much...she wants a reading every week on the same subject, didn't want to hear what the cards wants to say or anything. Once I told her I was going to start charging she never bothered me again for a reading.


Thank you, folks for the insights and the inputs :) ,

i'll make sure to reject readings for her because i agree with Gregory said that i am maybe knowing her too much.

Chimera Dust

The way I see it, reading for friends for free is a really good way to stretch your Tarot muscles in your spare time. It's a good way to get friends who are interested but not enough to pay to let you read for them so there are more people to read for.

If you plan on charging for any other readings, this can mean free publicity because your friends can tell other people about this reader they know. ;)

If you're a good reader and regularly read for friends, it's fine to charge them, in my opinion. You could always give them a discount or exchange it for something they can do that is equivalent on their part. If you want to read for free, you can limit how often you'll do it, so that you're not giving free readings every single day.

What's your reading level like? Are you concerned about being biased when reading for people you know? These things can affect how much you should be charging compared to more experienced readers.


Yes, Chimera Dust, thank you for your concerns.

I do readings not exactly as my daily life jobs, but i am considering it now because my expense keep bigger and bigger. I am actually being okay readings for free sometimes when i am ready to give free readings but one of my friend that i know keep constanly asking for free readings.

When i charge her for cost, she seemed to be alergic because of "friend" reasons. I think (assume) that she thought friend should not charge for something trivial like this. But inspite of this, she always underestimate my readings even though there are several cases of accurate but she find another reader more worth to be paid and i'm not sure about the accuracy of other readers that she took.

I am being nice for her bartering for flour for cake baking but she just answered " Why you have to asked for a flour when you can go to market to get it?"

This reply kinda pissed me off, is like she really did underestimate me or am i too proud of my ego, but i think both works for me lol.

So sorry for the rant but i will use Gregory's method to say to her that i reject readings for her because i felt too personal (which is true because i demand respect from her) for readings with my friend.


I read for my friends for free. I've got no issue about it either. They're always respectful if I'm too tired or too busy, they respect not asking about the same situation too often, and are more than happy to be my guinea pigs if I have a new type of deck or style of reading that I want to practice on. I often have spent time excitedly packing multiple decks to play with on our girl's nights just to have them not ask for a reading that evening. :)

I had two friends online when I began my spiritual journey overstep boundaries and essentially use me. One I simply began to ignore till she found another person to leech onto, the other I put my foot down and refused to read for telling him I'd help teach him instead since he owned his own deck. He eventually stopped speaking to me as well. No loss there :p

From what you say, your friend is not respecting your skills as a reader. Just as any doctor, artist, or chef would be insulted, you have a right to feel so too. Others in this thread have suggested some really gentle ways to get out of doing readings for her anymore. I hope you're able to get some resolution to the situation! Issues with friends like this can be so awkward!