received tarot cards in the mail


i am new to this, and i was wondering if anyone knew of the cards that are being sent through the mail. mine are: 1-four of swords#12 2-justice#7 3- the knight of cups#5. any help would be appreciated. thank you.


Hey Judie,

I haven't received these cards but I have heard a bit about them lately. Basically, I think they're just a marketing tool for a company offering a telephone reading service, or something of the like. I highly doubt the cards hold any signifigance for you, and I'm sure there are only maybe 10 different sets being distributed to various regions of the United States.

But, because I haven't seen these cards I can only speculate.



As you saw in another thread, yes some cards have been going around in the mail. I haven't received any myself though.

Justice: Just that, justice. Equality, fairness, getting what you deserve (not neccessarily what you want), law.

4 Swords: Time of rest after illness, repose. Convalescense, taking time out to heal your wounds. Resting.

Knight of Cups: A young man who is very intelligent and creative. Perhaps active in the arts. He's fond of poetry and music. The coming or going of an emotional matter, perhaps the arrival of a lover.

Those are the interpretations for the cards. Whether or not they mean anything to you personally???? don't know. ;)

Rhiannon :)


I believe that cards always have significance, despite whether they're part of a mass mailing or not.

In this case, I would expect for you to feel judged or otherwise criticized by a man who is very close to you. Being the Knight of Cups, this may be your husband or another romantic partner, or just perhaps someone who has a strong emotional tie to you (a brother or close friend perhaps). He means well, but his words will probably sting a little.

The 4 of Swords is telling you to hold off on reacting to this until you have a chance to go inside yourself and reflect on what you are hearing. There may be some difficult healing which must be done within yourself, but it will be beneficial and valuable to you.