Recomendation for Publishing?



Can anyone recomend a good publisher for my tarot cards. I live in france but also have a London address as well.

Thanks in advance!


Your best bet is to find out who published the decks you like and contact them. You will have to give them a basis for your deck, what theme it has and so forth, then include a sample of six or so cards. Many publishers want a book and deck don't be surprized. This info was given to me when I contacted US Games Sustems about the subject about 2 years ago.

Major Tom

Try having a look at this link:


Since you're in France, you could also try Heron (in Merignac 33700, tel.: 05 56 34 36 30), or Grimaud (I've lost their address, but they were in Paris), or even Flaubert in Spain or AG Muller en Suisse.

Best of luck, and keep us informed!