Recommend a Beginning Tarot Spellcraft Book / Advice


I was looking into trying spellcraft and magick using my Tarot deck(s) as Divine instruments. Does anyone have a good Beginning Tarot Spellcraft or Tome they can recommend on the subject?

Does anyone have any good / practical advice for someone beginning magick with Tarot?


Any spell that calls for an image, you can use the appropriate card, it's just image magic, using tarot cards for setting intentions is perfectly fine.
There is a book easily available from book depository or Amazon, called 365 tarot spells, I ignore the dates assigned and use moon phases as applicable.
Spells and tarot are adjustable and customisable.


You may also try Tarot Spells by Janine Renee.


I have read very good reviews on Donald Tyson's Portable Magic. If I am going to explore the more magickal aspects of the Tarot, I would be getting this book.


I'd concur with the recommendation of Donald Tyson's Portable Magic; it's rigorous, extensive and will set you up well in magical practices. As will Donald Kraig's book Tarot and Magic.

Either of these two books will set you up with a firm foundation and give you real working skills to perfect your craft.

I have both the Renée Tarot Spells and the Graham 365 Spells as ebooks (to see if they were worth getting in hard copy). In my opinion they weren't. Just more new age goop.