Recommend great books on runes, PLEASE !!!


Hi everyone:

I know some of you may have recommend books on runes somewhere in here. I went through the list of threads but still cannot find anyone said anything about a book. It took me hours and hours to read through all the threads. I am tired of going through the very long list of threads again.

If any of you are runes experts, please recommend a few great books.



A simple search on this forum a few weeks ago came up with two books, which I now bought, and am enjoying:

- The Well of Wyrd, by Edred Thorsson - short, to the point, but very subtle too, and respectful of the world in which the runes were born and used;

- Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Mountfort - a bigger book, with plenty of mythology as well as common interpretations, keywords, etc.

I find they complement each other very well.

Both books explain methods of runecasting and discuss how to approach our runes, giving background and uses. Mountfort also discusses Rune magic a fair bit, tracing its origin to Odin himself, as an intrinsic part of the use of runes.

I am a beginner, like you, but so far I've found they are good books to work with. Don't forget, also, to consult Umbrae and Kiama's threads on the Elder Futhark - they are well worth it!


Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Mountfort is a must have.

Teutonic Magic Kveldulf Gundarsson is the #2 book.

Thorsson did a series of books which are all essentially the same information shuffled up differntly to create a different book - editors do that.

Rune Rede by Ruarik Grimnisson is ever popular these days and is readily available - don't buy it. check it out from the library so you can return it when finished.


You do mean the book?

Umbrae said:
...check it out from the library so you can return it when finished.
I agree :) especially in case it's overdue by then!

Mors ultima linea rerum est
(Death is everything's final limit)


yeah yeah yeah mr. SmartyPants...but Horace WHO? (LOL) :smoker:


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zazen said:
Quintus Horatius Flaccus?
Hi :) Zazen! Umbrae and I were having a little fun
with his current quotation (see above his avatar).

The gag goes like this, since his quote reads~
Mors ultima linea rerum est
(Death is everything's final limit)
~do you return the book to the library
when it's finished or you're "finished" ;)

~Fulgour, friend of Umbrae,
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To Umbrae

Hey Umbrae,

The book "Teutonic Magic" Kveldulf Gundarsson that you recommended is out of print. There are used ones on, but it costs at least $38. I am not going to pay $38 for a used book.

Do you know any other books that you recommend ?