Recommend this deck so much!


Today, I bought the Nigel Jackson Tarot, and I strongly recommend it to you guys!

The Minor Arcana are unlike anything I've ever seen except in the Robin Wood (And that's saying something!). They speak loudly, and clearly, and have such a wonderful meaning for everything. The colours in the deck are gorgeous, and although the figures are quite Rennaissance, the way they are drawn and coloured bring them up to date and make them much more aesthetically pleasing...

I also found the accomapnying book to be very deep, with great info on the history of each card, and it's alternative names. What excited me most about this deck was the fact that it based alot of itself on Gnosticism... ANd a bit of Pythagorean and Plotinus philosophy...

This deck is great, so great that I just had to shout about it!

*Very happy, yet now very poor after going on a Tarot deck spending spree...* Kiama


thanks, kiama...
i'm gonna check it out!
gifted it to a friend, sold another one...hadn't considered it to use before, 'cuz it's wands/air and swords/fire, but i'm past the confusion now (i think!).
any-who, good suggestion!
infinite blessings...



it is totally messing me up that you have, once again, changed your nickname.

i still think of you as taz.



there you are!!! woo hoo!!!!
luv ya!
missed ya!
i'll be "taz", "old crone", "hey, you!"--whatever--JUST STOP VANISHING ON US!