Reconciliation Spread


Hi all!! I created this one last night and seemed to be accurate. Told me alot of what I already knew, but maybe i just needed some clarification. Anywhooooo... here it is:

******12******* (Optional)


1 - 4 relate to "their" feelings.

1. Their feelings towards You.
2. Their desires or concerns regarding the relationship.
3. Obstacles preventing their contacting you or reconciling with you (could be feelings or lack thereof, life in general, work, etc.)
4. Action they are most likely to take regarding this obstacle.

5 - 8 relate to "your" feelings.

5. Your feelings towards them.
6. Your desires or concerns regarding the relationship.
7. What you need to overcome or focus on regarding reconciliating.
8. Action (or non-action) you should take to encourage reconciliation (leave them alone, don't bother, keep trying, etc.)

9 through 11 relate to the "relationship itself"

9. Most likley outcome if no action is taken and things are left status quo.
10. The essence of the relationship as it stands "right now".
11. The likelihood of reunion with this person.

12 is optional, and is designed to give a timeframe in which you can expect some form of resolution. This will not necessarily state when you will hear from them, but when you will have an answer to the problem, i.e. know it's over, hear from them, agree to talk to them, etc.

Hope this proves useful for some of you. :))) Let me know if u like it and feedback is always appreciated!!

Blessed be!!!

Glass Owl

Thanks for the spread. This may also be really useful for adoptees.


Thanks for the spread Roewyn! I just tried it and it proved to be very accurate indeed :) Definitely a very useful spread to have.


Oh good! Im glad it helped!! :)

Blessings! <3 <3


Glass Owl said:
Thanks for the spread. This may also be really useful for adoptees. an adoptee, I may just take you up on that suggestion...I need to get a little better with my reading skills though first!


The way this spread is structured gave me some interesting ideas. In addition to reading the cards in series, with "the way things stand right now" at the center of everything I could see reading each of the surrounding cards as a "pair" with Card 10 to see if each aspect is "pushing" or "pulling" the situation toward the future in a particular direction. The outcome of this exercise going around the circle would be to see how the "present" is moved "off-center" by the interaction, and what might be the biggest contributor to its development.

The other thing that struck my fancy, just from a visual perspective, is that the layout looks "protective" or "nurturing" to me, like an oyster with the "pearl" at the center. Nothing to do with how to read it, of course, just an observation.


Another wonderful spread great timing for me too