recreating everything completely!


When I had started making my first tarot set (that I'm still working on by the way), I was not so technologically advanced. Ergo I had drawn the images directly onto 3X5 index cards. Because I was working with such a small canvas, my cards were lacking detail. Now I had recieved as a gift a flat scanner/printer thing. So now I can scan a picture onto my computer and resize it to be 3X5 or whatever.
So now I'm sort of torn. I want to do a set that has more detail in it, but I've come so far on the one I'm working on (I'm nearly half way through completing the entire 78 cards set!). It like, I don't want to abandone the one I'm working on because I've come so far, but I'd really be happier with a more detailed set that would also better show off my skills as an artist. It's sort of like another post that I've read somewhere around here that was about a person who no longer uses a tarot set and doesn't know what to do. I don't want to just get rid of it or throw it away because it has become a part of me and even created a spirit of its own.


kind of a hard one...


This is a bit of a difficult decision, isn't it? I was faced with just about the same situation long, long ago. I was also drawing directly on 3 x 5 cards--fairly detailed pencil sketches, no color. But I wanted something larger and colored.

Then, out of nowhere somebody trashed so much illustration board that I wound up with enough 8 x 13s to do the entire deck (I work with the golden ratio when I can...) All I needed to do was slosh on a little gesso and paint away...

I think I was just about mid-way with the 3 x 5. What to do now?

I was lucky enough that my wife always said that my biggest fault was not finishing things. Bigger projects, that is. So I'm not entirely sure how much of the energy to finish the little cards came out of desire to prove her wrong.

Anyhow, I finished the little deck first. It may not have been my ideal, but it had one great advantage. It was a deck-- a physical deck. It was hand-holdable and read well. It was not a scaned-in and shrunk-down electronic print out.

They were all original pieces of my artwork. They had no vibes but the energy that i put into them.

That was nearly twenty-five years ago. They're smudgy now, and kind of ragged. I've got them pasted in a book that also has some of my first tarot poetry.

I suggest you finish them. Don't rush through them to get to your next deck-- it won't go anywhere. There will never be anything like them. A first child is always special.

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"...So now I'm sort of torn. I want to do a set that has more detail in it, but I've come so far on the one I'm working on..."


I'm with Ravenswing on this one: finish the first deck before moving on. Think of the early 3x5 version as a pre-visualization of where you'll be headed with the full-size version.


I agree with raven and rota here!
Don't give up on the deck you currently have!
You have already put so much of yourself into it...and halfway done...that's an amazing accomplishment!

And there'snothing wrong with a deck that is not terribly detailed...and since it's already the correct have less work in the finishing stages.

I too started a deck directly on index cards about 10 years ago, and I had 26 of the minors done. For some reason that I can't even remember now, I ended up throwing all but two away!
And I have truly regretted it.

Even though my current version of my deck is larger and done with acrylic rather than colored pencil....I still wish I had continued that deck in that style.

I Realize now that just by working on those earlier images, I set the groundwork for the deck that I really wanted to make. I believe that if I hadn't done all that work before...that ideas would not be comming so easily to me as they arecurrently!

Keep at it! There's always time later to make the other deck that you truly want.


Thank you everyone! You're right, nothing will ever be the same as what I have now. I am going to finish the deck I have already started. I have the rest of my life to do another one. Who knows, when I'm done, I may love this one so much, I may have no need to do another one. I've decided that I can always go back and try to add some of the detail and things that I want. I was sort of inspired by older decks. People hundreds of years ago were able to create beautiful and detailed decks without a computer, so can I. I'm ashamed I let myself become so reliant on a computer. Nothing will better hold a persons soul than something he creates with his own hands. Thank you for helping me realize this.