Recurring Card - Queen of Pentacles


Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forum and still relatively new to tarot. I've been practising with my very first deck (Linestrider) for a few months now and have been noticing something rather odd.

Most of my readings are general inquiries, to get myself better situated with the card meanings, and I'm incorporating more specific questions as I get more confident, using different spreads, etc. -- but no matter what I do I keep seeing the Queen of Pentacles.

Most often, if she doesn't appear within the spread, I'll turn over the deck and there she is! No matter how much I shuffle. I'll even split the deck randomly while I'm shuffling and -- boom -- she's there.

It sounds crazy but it feels like she's following me. I know the cards are trying to tell me something but I'm lost trying to figure it out.

If anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences please let me know! I've read about cleansing the deck and that will probably be my next step, but I feel like she's too important to block out just yet. I need to know what she's trying to say.

Thank you for your consideration,


Signifier maybe?

Welcome to Aeclectic Tarot and Welcome to the wonderful world of tarot readings! We're very glad to have you.

First thought is that she's your signifier. Sometimes, signifiers follow us, popping up to say "I'm you! Use me as your signifier!" A signifier isn't necessary for doing spreads, but useful to indicate "you" in the "story" of the cards you lay out. So if you do a reading, and you see a Knight/Cups heading towards a Queen/Pents, for example, you might say "Ah, coming for me!" Whereas if that Knight/Cups is heading for Queen/Wands you might say, "Oh, dear, going for someone else..."

Most readers think that for the courts to be a person's signifier, it has to match up to their zodiac sun sign. So, if you're a Taurus, you're Queen/Pents and if you're a Leo, you're Queen/Wands. No mixing them up. (And, by the way, no one agrees on which sign for which court, not even the decks you use. But most agree that Earth sign = Pents, Fire sign = Wands, Air sign = Swords and Water sign = Cups. So, are you an Earth sign?)

But really, the signifier should indicate who you are "now." Meaning it doesn't have to match your sun sign. It can even change year to year, but for right now, this year, this month or even this week, this card is very "you." The Queen/Pents can be, at one end of the spectrum, a very put-together business woman with a fine house and everything in excellent taste. Or just someone working to create their own business. On the other end, she can be a bohemian earth-mother type, growing her own organic vegetables and fighting for environmental causes. Either end, she's "down-to-earth," very social, very hard working, loves the outdoors, and takes good care of her family. She's got a ton of common sense. Does any of that resonate with you? At least...for right now? ;)


I've had a forum asking about when a court card shows up as you in the reading ( Do you see yourself as a Queen of Pentacles? This is how I usually show up in readings, since it relates to my zodiac sign/Earth signs.