Redoing the Book Exercises


Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I have several hours in which to do what ever I wanted to do in peace and quiet ... so what did I choose to do? well of course! work with the Faeries!!!!!

I put on my Faeries CD, got out my new journal, did my exercise for my card of the day (answering all the questions in the book about atmosphere, etc), and then decided to redo all of the excercises in the front of the book to see how it would go for me after 9 months of working with the Faeries.

It was AMAZING!!!! I enjoyed it even more the second time than the first!!! Perhaps because I have gotten to know the faeries better, I don't know. When sorting the faeries I ended up with 10 groups (originally I had 5) .... and with the exception of 1 group the groupings were totally different.

Then I proceeded to do the most appealing/least appealing/universe card exercise. The most appealing card I chose Lys of the Shadows, the least appealing was Faeries of the Future (which even ended up surprising me) and finally my universal card was Death. When I looked at them all together they perfectly described exactly where I am in with some issues affecting my life at this very moment. I felt validated and strengthened.

Just thought I would share ...


That's an interesting thought, to go back and repeat the exercises again.

I've only been working with the Faeries for a short time, just before Christmas. I've replaced my daily Tarot card draw with a Faerie card, and I've really learned a lot doing that.

But I just drew for tomorrow and it is Gawtcha, so I'm a little concerned about what to expect tomorrow!


I really should go back and finish the exercises for the first time... :|
I got the deck just before my holiday and since I've come back (about 6 weeks ago) I haven't gotten round to starting again...


Thanls Jewell,

This is my third week with the faeries but I am really enjoying them. The readings are so accurate but gentle.




If I remember right I got my faeries not too long after you did Jewel, so I'm probably somewhere around 8 months or so ago that I did this the first time around.

Well I did the exercises again tonight and all I can say is WOW! It's amazing how different and how spot on they are.

My favorite card this time around is The Pook (with completely different meanings to me than what the book says). My least favorite is Lady of the Harvest.
But what's REALLY interesting is my universal card - which is also the Pook!!! Now all of you who've done the exercises know you draw your universal card by intuition - not looking at the fronts of the cards. So imagine my surprise when I turned it over and it was The Pook again!!!! :O

I'm so glad Jewel suggested doing these exercises again!!
Yea Jewel!!! :*


Faunabay I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think I will do this periodically but at least 6 months apart to get the full effect.

Now I am into faerie story writting ~giggles~. These guys keep me busy! *LOL*


I know this is a bit of an old thread but oh well...
I've had these cards for about 3 years now (2nd time around), and for some reason I have never really done any of the exercises except for choosing my most and least appealing cards. Today I figured I'd have a go again and see what I got...
Well. I've managed to get it down to 4 of each but the faeries won't let me narrow them down to just one card for my most and least favourite!

The Bright Mother

The Soul Shrinker (that one has been a least favourite on and off for over 10 years!)
The Fee Lion (no surprises there as I am currently procrastinating and he's staring at me accusingly telling me I should be doing housework. Blergh!)
The Topsie Turvets
G. Hobyah

I suppose I should go and choose a/some universal cards now so I can get on with the dreaded housework and let the Fee Lion go play elsewhere.

Has anyone else had the more-than-one-of-each dilemma?


I loved The Exercises!

I will begin by sharing that I have a number of fairy decks but when I procured and gazed t through the Faeries Oracle, I felt like the breath of Spirit within me said "These faeries are true!" It was all very exciting and I have to say that since inviting the fae back into my life some time ago, I smile a lot more, feel a great deal more whimsical, and have found my personal healing to be taking place on a much more global scale.

I don't always do the exercises that I discover in tarot or oracle books but something told me I would be glad I did. That hunch was correct. The card that most appealed to me was Losgunna, the queen of the frogs. Just look at her, sitting there in perfect repose, a look of deep serenity on her face. I just love her! My least appealing card was Gawtcha. That eye just bugged the heck out of me, like he was catching me looking at him. His body seemed remarkably tiny for such a broad, wild head of hair. Then I thought how such tiny events can land us in such hairy places. Penelope Dreamweaver was my universe card. My hobbies extend to all areas of the arts; writing, music, sculpting, painting, and drawing, so this rather spoke for itself.

I am in a place in my journey where I am doing well in my current profession. That said, the God of my understanding is calling me to do my work as a healer, intuitive and writer. The stage has been set in that I have certifications and professional memberships in all of these areas. I just haven't taken the leap. It feels like the fae have encouraged me to manifest this path and open up to my creativity again. I love it!!!

I am grateful this topic was posted and hope it will encourage many to do the exercises. Also, to the original poster, I want to say that I love that you repeated this after nine months. I love that Oracles can continue to speak to us in fresh ways.