I don't have too much knowledge of Reiki at the moment, I am starting to learn. But, can a person who is at a distance receive the healing energies if they are not aware of it?

Also, anyone have any suggestions for good sites and/or books on the topic? Thanks!


It is possible to send reiki energy at a distance, but one of the things you will learn on your reiki journey is the ethics of whether you should send healing to someone who hasn't asked for it.
Some people would consider it wrong, as you have overstepped the boundary of their free will - who are you to think that they want the offer of healing? Not everyone wants to healed.

Unless the person is unconscious - it which case you can ask that their higher self accept the healing if it is desired, or in the case of a child where the parent has asked for healing - then you have to think carefully about the ethics of the situation.

If you are asking could YOU have received reiki when you didn't know it was being sent - well yes you could, but again you should ask why the healer sent you reiki without asking - how do you feel about that?

A couple of books (in the UK) which I found helpful were

"The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui" by Dr. Mikao Usui and Frank Arjava Petter

"The Spirit of Reiki - the complete handbook of the Reiki system" by Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjava Petter and William Lee rand.

If you can find a good Reiki teacher in your area, that would be good.

Blessings on your journey


In my Reiki classes we were taught that Reiki knows where to go. You can send it long distance with the intent being if the person does not want to receive it, that it flows to a person/situation who is receptive.

I stumbled across a book "Magick of Reiki, Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development" by Christopher Penczak. I quite like it. It's an "examination of Reiki from a magickal perspective" It may not be what you're looking for, but when I was taking my Reiki classes I found a lot of similarities between Reiki and "magic" so it was kind of neat to find something already written that tied it all together.


We are all made up out of energy particles and EVERYTHING around us, air water all is made up out of energy particles. If you CAN create a wave you can direct it towards distant areas and Beings.
A good book that does away with a lot of the wo-wo about very expensive atunements and so on and aids honest people on a shoe string budge is the ooold go-to book "Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein.
First read it, then follow the exercises, then find a Reiki practice group in your area, where other learners can practice on each other.
Reiki is just 1 of many healing with hands and energy modalities. Native Siberians use a comparable one but we have more energy wheel like centres called chakras in other cultures.. Same as many Native American traditional healers and hand tremblers.
Good luck and let us know, how you make out.


Thanks for the tip Mi-Shell, I've been looking for a book that doesn't focus on expensive atunements for a while know.


Thanks everyone, I might look into some classes. Didn't think of that!