Relationship horary translation of light


Minderwiz, help! I have a question regarding this horary in which a friend asked if she will get a chance for a romance, wishing for a relationship secretly, with a guy, let's name him A. Chart was cast on May 29, at 12:27 pm in Toronto.

Ascendant is early but since they've started getting slightly closer just a few days ago, I still chose to take a look at the chart and see if there was a promise, at least.

Virgo is rising, she is Mercury. Mercury is in the 9th which is not where I'd expect to see him, but the Moon is in the 11th (hopes and wishes) and I take it as a sign the chart may still be radical. Mercury is in Taurus, ruled by Venus.

The man is Jupiter, retro, in the 2nd house, in Libra, ruled by Venus too. I'm not gonna focus too much on his placement as it's just a very new thing and he may be focused on 8th house if I flip the chart.

The thing that bothers me here is the Moon. Since Mercury and Jupiter have no aspect, I turn to her as the querent's significator. The Moon is applying for a sextile with the Sun, ruler of the 12th and the Sun will then trine Jupiter (him). The Sun will receive the Moon and Jupiter will receive the Sun as Moon applies from Sun's domicile and triplicity ( a place the Sun likes) and Sun applies from Jupiter's term. It's also interesting that it seems the Moon (she) likes the Sun and the Sun (whoever it is) likes her being in Mercury's domicile but the Moon also likes Jupiter being in his term and face.

The question is: do I take this trine from Sun to Jupiter as a yes although in real life the Moon will sextile Jupiter prior to the Sun's trine?

I am always reluctant to take the Moon's movement in real life as prohibition because she is so fast that in 95% of the charts she will aspect at least part of the planets involved on any given day. Still, should I accept the connection the Sun provides as a viable option for them to have something together (may very well be secret or hidden as Sun is 12th house ruler)?

P.S. What would a 12th house ruler in the 10th signify? I'm puzzled. A hidden enemy brought to light (as in the spotlight)? Or a secret revealed? Sth wrong or deceitful is victorious? I can't figure out who or what this Sun in the 10th could be that the Moon is approaching and then it aspects the man...