relationship issues


Can anyone recommend a tarot deck or section of one to use specifically for relationship issues. I would like to have a separate deck to use for this. I thought I saw one on the Aeclectic deck list but now I can't find it.


my personal favorite deck for readings on relationships is the matt myers art nouveau deck. the minor arcana is especially suited for relationships. ace is the beginning of the relationship. tens are the culmination. each card details the ups and downs, rewards and mistakes ppl make in relationships. an added benefit is that it beautiful!!!!!!! i haven't had any problems transitioning from my standard deck to using it cold.


Hm. Good question. There's no deck I've ever used exclusively for relationships, but I suspect that the Zerner-Faber deck would do very nicely for that. First, because the cups are "hearts" instead, second, because it's designs are very, well, romantic, and third because I get brutally honest readings with it.

Can check them out here: