Relationship Problem Solving Spread


it's a gem

tried it twice today and it's easy to use, easy to decipher, and accurate--thank you so much, I am still learning and it is very nice to have success


Great Relationship Spread!

I've had great insight with this spread thank you!!!


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I'm suprised at how accurate this spread is. It definitely told the truth about what problems were in my relationship and the advice from the last 3 cards were helpful. Thanks for posting this!


sorry i have to start over


What a great spread. May be just the thing I need!



what a spread. I tried it and am thrilled to have such a valuable spread. thank you WalesWoman for sharing.


I tried this spread and its great. So accurate and i know this cos I asked about something in the past and the solutions cards explained exactly what happened. Wonderful i normally avoid long spreads except for the celtic cross but i'll definitley be using this now.


LOVE this spread. thank you for sharing it! :)


I am reaching out to anyone who can help me…

I am reaching out to anyone who can help me… Hello:

I have been reading tarot cards for a while now and still have some trouble with the relationship spreads as it relates to myself. I feel my own judgment is clouded because of the situation at hand. I am reaching out to anyone who might be able to help me. I have needed a spread that will be direct and to the point. A long term friendship I have had has been back and forth and now seams to be dying out. I spoke with him regarding this and I get the same old answers “everything is fine” but I know there is something different I can feel it. I have strong abilities for reading situations but as this is my own I feel my judgment may be clouded and misguided due to my own personal wants and needs.

Is there someone who can help me with this please? I have been left feeling troubled but in my readings the cards say this is incorrect and I should use my head rather then my heart. I have tried that and I am still confused. If I follow my heart I do feel strongly that he is pulling away but not sure how to handle this. Although if I use my head everything points to the fact that he is not pulling away but something has changed and this is only a transition possibly.

Please help me this has truly clouded my judgment and is effecting how I handle other situations in my life. Thank you ….