Relationship Spread


Hi all. I've had some really good readings with this spread which is from a book called "Way of Tarot" by Evelyne Herbin and Terry Donaldson:


1) What you are bringing into the relationship
2) Where you are now, in relation to the other person
3) What you are hoping to get from the relationship
4) What the other person is bringing into their relationship with you
5) What they are getting out of it
6) What they are hoping to achieve/experience with you
7) How you see the other person
8) How they see you
9) How you saw him/her when you first met
10) How the other person saw you on your first meeting
11) Your own anxieties/inconscious fears
12) The other person's anxieties/unconscious fears
13) External influences upon you
14) External influences upon the other person
15) Where the relationship will go

Lay the Querent's cards on the left and the "other's" on the right. Hope you enjoy.

Blessings x


I did this spread and what I noticed is that there is no 'guidance' or help.
What do you do if you are looking for help changing an attitude or the outcome?
Or how about some kind of advice on how to deal with the fears and anxieties?

I like how it makes things pretty clear - visually with the left/right separation. You can see if both parties in the relationship are 'on the same page' and you can also see how the relationship has 'morphed' from the first meeting to the present day.

I liked it quite a lot.. but I would add in a couple of options for guidance...


Hi all...

I not very good at reading cards, therefore, I need your help in helping me to analysis the result of this spread...

Recently met this guy whom once went after me but eventually nv really continue due to a funny reason. Now he is with another girl but he always confide in me abt the relationship prob between him and the girl. Alot of little signs from him show that he had not given up on me... I hope that I am not getting any wrong signal from him, but i am reluctant to go on with him and yes i do have a slight liking for him... Therefore, I decided to try this spread out. It seems to be quite accurate but yet my skill is very lousy. Therefore, I am worried that I might b giving the wrong interpretation. Please do help me out..

These are the cards that i got for this spread
1. Ace of Wand
2. 8 of Sword (Reversed)
3. 2 of Pentacles
4. 6 of Cups
5. The Devil (Reversed)
6. 7 of Wand
7. The Hanged Man (Reversed)
8. Judgement
9. King of Pentacles
10. 6 of Sword (Reversed)
11. Ace of Sword (Reversed)
12. Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)
13. 10 of Swords
14. The Chariot (Reversed)
15. The Tower

Thanks in Advances for ur help....


Sorry.. after addin this post then i realized that i cannot create thread that ask for interpretation... tried to delete this reply .. but i can't ... mod can help me with the deletion? thanks..


ok i did this... and WOW... very interesting. STILL de de de.. need to learn to trust myself!!! and my intuitions and wants and desires!

1. what do i bring to the relationship: Prince of Cups. I pring love, and gentleness and kindess
2. Where I am now in relation to my lover/ex now: 4 of Pentacles. Well we just broke up and my security in life is so in question here. I want to keep things the same.. not have to move out...for us to not have to sepperate. I wish to hold onto her.
3 What i want out of the relationship: 3 of Cups. ...i want a wedding celebration.. i want joy and happiness with her.
4 What does she bring to the relationship: 9 of wands... i'm a bit confused.. I see this card as standing alone... or working very hard. So maybe she brings hard work to the relationship...she deffinatly makes me work for it so to speak.
5. What she gets out of the relationship: Wisdom/High priestess its the same card: This is a major learning experience for her. She's learning a lot about herself...even if she doesn't want to. She wants to hide from herself.
6. What she hopes to get out of the relationship: 7 of wands... Ok i'm stumped.. is this saying she likes to argue? Or i sometimes see this card as too much demand on attention... so is she hoping for me to spend less attention on her????

7. How I see her now. : King of wands.. Being a bit irrational, needing to bask in freedom and be irrisponcible. *I don't know why i see the King of Wands as irrisponcible.. i just invision the ultimae Viking King/War Lord.. the need to pillage and rape and drink... so to speak. I feel like she wants to go party... I call this cycle with her...SINGLE FEVER! her friends...the ones who aren't married.. are all single..and she wants to go party again...

8. How she sees me now.: 4 of Swords.. .i think she knows i need to heal from teh breakup..and I'm going on vacation on tuesday...she left today for her own vacation...both were booked before we broke up. But also i've been mostly unemployed for the past year and a half and she HATES IT!!! Thinks i'm being lazy because i can't find work. :(

9 how I saw her when we met: Feminine...warm....vibrant... someone you just want to be near.

10. How she saw me: Magicain.. capable...magical.. strong...

11. My insecurities :10 of Pents.. well i'm unemployed..and i do doubt myself a lot..

12. her insecurities: 7 of swords...she doesn't want to have to feel vulnerable...she wants to burry and hide and sneak away from her issues.. i also see this card as having b uilt up too many personal defences...causing no one to be able to get through.

13. External Influences on me : 9 of pentacles. She wants me to move out on my own.. and i'm going to have to and it SUCKS! she wants me to feel like i can stand on my own two feet again.

14, External Influences on her :King of Swords.. shes too much in her head... and out of her body.. she feels cold inside... like a shell...but also feels like she's spoken...and thus it must be.

15. Out Come :Fool/BEGININGS. Well to me..the fool is a bout the leap of faith. I need to take the leap of faith that if i go..she will miss me. I had a moment the other day..where i totally saw my Julia Roberts in Pretty WOman moment. She will come and try to convince me that I should be with her...wich duhhhh i've told her that all along.. silly dyke! (dyke comment not intended to offend.. it's a prahse my friends and I use... it is an endearment..but think of the Trix commericals..Silly Rabbit)

16. Clarifyer.. ok i felt i needed to ask what this new begining for us/our relationship would be... <3 2 OF CUPS!!!! so eventually it will be us together again i feel.

I jus thate the time off..

anyway thats my take on things... and how i interpreted the layout of the spread. I post this if anyone feels like they need a reference point :) This is NOT here to ask for interpretation... just so that people can see a reading if they feel like they needed it.


I had fabulous results with this spread (I've recently reunited with a long-term partner) - thank you for sharing. I can post my reading if anyone wishes me to?!? I did, however, add an extra card and gave it a meaning of 'The Future' as I wanted a little more depth (was Ace of Cups; yay!)

Lady - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to comment on your reading / give my interpretation as I'm a relative newbie! I understand you've not invited further interpretation so I hope you won't mind my thoughts:

4) - 9 of W / could there be some past hurt/trauma that's causing fear and/or defensiveness, making her feel that she needs to 'stand her ground' to protect herself? On a positive note, if there have been troubles in the past then this card suggests to me that although may be feeling a little 'battle-weary' - not down completely and certainly not given up.

6 - 7 of W / looking to card before, the HP, and if is on a journey of self-discovery could this card be saying might be looking for your support to give her an advantage to current situations/feelings? I also see this card as symbolic of the need to open up and improve communications - could this situation been avoided if talked through?

13 - 9 of P - on a positive saying to you not to worry - you can be self-sufficient.

15 - The Fool - just to add to believe in yourself and follow your heart - whilst it's ok to take a risk (which you're going to) - be mindful not to be careless. You don't want to fall from the precipice so look before you leap. An overall good card of rebirth and new beginnings.

I hope I helped and you didn't mind my comment.