Restarting Golden Study Group ???


Is anyone else interested in studying the Golden?

I've been working with the deck, doing daily journal entries and poems, and would be interested in a study group if anyone else is up for it. I've posted to a few of the old threads. (Strength and the Fool) But the posts only go as far as the Hermit, and don't discuss any of the Minors.


Good idea RedMaple. The Golden is one of my favorites, and I love the art of this time period. I will stick my head in from time to time.



I'll have a go.


Mmm, hi, is there someone interested in re-opening this study group? I see that now all the cards are done yet :). I read the rules, but it's not clear to me if we can just go and maybe answer old topics?


Long time later, but I added my insight to a bunch of cards and would love to see this group active again! Any interest?


I am interested too!