REVERSALS: 3 Santeria -- Oya rx (3 of Pentacles rx)


3 Santeria -- Oya rx [3 of Pentacles rx] has turned up recently in some readings, and I'd like to reflect upon it.

Oya is the bringer of storms, the guardian of the veil between life and death. This juxtaposition is shown in the cards by the healthy growth of eggplant amongst the tombstones. Oya is depicted in this card as wearing the torn garments of the Egungun (for she is also associated with tearing or wrenching between the worlds of life and death).

I did some research on her, and since she is considered a warrior-goddess, perhaps a reversal of this card indicates that one should not be too "warrior-like" in a situation; instead, less action is required (or rather, less forceful action). The reversal may also indicate that a situation will be calmer than anticipated...perhaps a more obvious separation of facts (if the card is turned upside-down, the eggplants fall away from the tombstones, allowing one to see them more clearly).

This card can also indicate that there is no growth from a dead situation.




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