REVERSALS: XXI -- Carnival rx [The World rx]


Today's card was XXI -- Carnival reversed [The World reversed]

In an upright position, the Carnival card alludes to the traditional World card: everything will be alright, but especially once cares and burdens are truly released. Carnival is that time when boundaries are relaxed and restraints cast aside, which is an appropriate image for this card.

In a reversed position, the Carnival card can signify that the querent is not releasing burdens, whether by design or because he or she doesn't know how...or can't find the energy to do so. Some people like having burdens as it makes them feel important. But looking at the card image, this reversal can be something of a good thing: the beads fall away from the person's masked face, exposing it. The lights illuminate what is now the bottom of the sky (a metaphor for the subconscious?). The dark places are no longer hidden, and that exposure can lead to healing and the true meaning of the upright card.