Reversed decks


About two weeks ago, i did a Celtic cross for myself with my Napo deck. Every single card I turned over was reversed. A little confused, I turned over another ten cards to modify the original reading. All of these cards were reversed also. I began flipping through my deck, and every single card was reversed. This has happened again since then, although the second time the entire deck was upright. Has anyone else run into a deck that only wants to be read one way?


I've never heard of this before - perhaps before you use them next time do the table top shuffle, mix them all around on a table then shuffle them back into a deck. That way if they all come reversed the next time you use them you'll know you've got a deck that only wants to be used the one way (This probably doesn't help you but its an idea)

Is it a new deck? There is a way of breaking in a new deck by placing the card over its corresponding card in one of your old decks, then the new deck will pick up vibrations from your old one.



That is a great idea on how to break in a new deck! How would you say that would work from an Oracle deck, to a Tarot. In particular, since I think they will go well together, the Druid Animal Oracle, and the Celtic dragon Tarot??
I would love to hear what you have to say :)
Where did the idea originate from?


Hi Athena,

A few years ago a friend told me it was a good way to break in a new deck. She didn't say who had told her. I had a few problems with my 1JJ Swiss deck, it was giving very negative readings, so she let me lay them over a much used deck of hers - it seemed to work but I never took to the deck after that - I use the Rider Waite deck now but have never laid them over the 1JJ Swiss.


Maybe you just lipped the deck over by accident. I do it all the time.


I also wanted to add that the laying of new tarot cards onto old also works with secondhand decks :) So as well as the cleansing ritual, salt, incense, you could bond with your cards quicker by letting them mix with favourite old decks :) Just a thought.


Just a thought- the teacher in me creeps in time to time- When you 'flip' your cards- are you doing it end-to-end or side-to-side? This will change the orientation of the cards. If you don't think so: take 10 cards and set them up 'upright'. Flip the first five cards end-to-end; flip the second five side-to-side. Surprise! :-D