Review of The Mythic Tarot Workbook


Review of the Mythic Tarot Workbook with reference to follow.

When I posted in the New Member section, Kyrielle asked me why this book appealed to me. Kyrielle mentioned that the Mythic Tarot deck was a personal favourite and wondered if the workbook might be worth purchasing.

Firt, I will say that I have really enjoyed this workbook and have found it to be great for enhancing my understanding of the tarot, as well as the areas of Greek mythology and astrology. What a great combination! The wrokbook is different from the reference book that accompanies the cards which does not go into to detail about the zodiac aspect, but the reference book covers more about the basics of tarot.

The contents include:
* Introduction (brief, but lets you get to the fun stuff fast!)
* Exercise for the Major Arcana
* Astrology and the Court Cards
* Exercises for the Minor Arcana
* Reading the Cards
- The Horoscope
- Ten Card Horseshoe
- The Triangle
- The Star

This workbook has an interesting aspect in that it incorporates theraputic colouring and guided imagery. While the pictorial imagery of the cards is different from traditional cards, the divinatory meanings are the same.

Each card in the major arcana draws on the stories and characters from Greek mythology. These cards are printed in black and white and they may be coloured however you wish. Additionally, there are some questions for the guided imagery so you can answer for yourself what the card represents for you.

For the court cards, the pages are brought in to introduce the corresponding element (earth, fire, water, air). According to the author, they have no astrological significance. The knights, queens, and kings are all related to a sign of the zodiac. In order to get to know these cards (and yourself!) better, there are questions asked with space provided for your answer.

The minor arcana are treated according to suits. Each suite is compared to a myth. For example, the suit of wands is compared to the story of "Jason and the Argonauts".

As for the 'Reading of the Cards' section, there are some interesting spreads with case studies so you can compare your interpretations to those of the author.

Overall, I have enjoyed this book very much. If there is anyone out there who has also tried it, I would love to hear from you, whether or not you enjoyed the workbook and/or the deck. We are all touched in unique ways and how we respond to a given artistic interpretation of the tarot is very individual.

Book reference: "The Mythic Tarot Workbook", Juliet Sharman-Burke, Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 2001. ISBN: 0-7737-6235-8

Thanks for letting me share part of your time here in the forum.



Thanks for this comprehensive review, Nimbus. I purchased the deck because I loved the imagery and the accompanying book is really clear.

As a newcomer, I am still working hard on Rider Waite, but when I feel like a fresh view, I go to the Mythic Tarot. Sometimes I just hold it in my hands and feel comfortable, if that doesn't sound too silly.

I have four decks: Rider Waite, Old English, Witches (Cannon Reid) and the Mythic. Occasionally, after a reading, or when I am studing a particular card, I look at the parallel cards in each deck to see what else can be understood.

There is something which very much attracts me to the Mythic Deck and a better understanding of it is something I look forward to exploring. I haven't seen the workbook you review in any local shop so I might have to order it over the Internet.

Thanks again. It is very interesting to read other's experience of particular decks.



I received this workbook as a gift from my fiance` who knew how much I LOVE working with the Mythic Tarot. :D

This book has been an incredible tool for me. I strongly recommend it to everyone (whether you are just beginning or advanced). :)

It offers a variety of guided visualization exercises and meditations. It starts off with a page for each card in the Major Arcana... with black-and-white images that lets you color them. However, since I am an artist myself, I drew my own images and painted them instead of using the coloring pages provided in this book.

They also have blank lines and pages so you can record your insights for each card in the Minor Arcana. Again, I didn't actually write on these pages. I used the worksheets as a guide and recorded my insights on my Tarot journal instead. I knew I may want to use the worksheets and study pages AGAIN in the future. :D

PLUS it offers seven different card spreads for you to try out.

This workbook has helped me connect with EVERY card in my deck. I LOVE IT! :)


Thanks, Nimbus!

I'll be on the lookout for this book now.

-- Kyrielle


I have this book on my way to me....I have the Mythic Deck...I absolutely love this is not the art that attracted me..well it was..just i thought it was more funny then pretty..I can read so well with this deck..I love the Mythology..I think that is why i "get it"..I am very anxious to get my book!!..I love this deck so much..My sister got me this deck after i got it already..She didn't relize it..that i am going to keep the extra as a case god forbid..something happens to the one i am using..LOL...

Celtic Princess

I have been considering getting the workbook too and I'm glad to hear some good reviews. I also love my Mythic deck. It is the only one I own at the moment and I'm so glad I chose it. I actually came across it quite accidentally about 10 years ago when I was a teenager. At the time my friend and I thought it would be fun to get a deck of tarot cards and see if we could tell eachother's fortunes. As you might guess, neither of us was educated about what deck to buy, or anything else having to do with Tarot. This deck just happened to be on the shelf so I bought it. It didn't take long to figure out that reading the cards was a more serious process than either of us thought so eventually the set was relegated to my closet where it stayed for several years. About 3 years ago I found my interest in Tarot renewed so I began reading books to help me learn how to interpret the cards and out came my Mythic deck. I've been happily using it ever since. Next on the wish list is the Arthurian Legend which I'll hopefully enjoy just as much.



I got my book!!...I am not so artistically inclined that i can draw my own pictures...I am going to copy the pics from the boook and then color them.tho..cant wait to get started..


I can vouch for the fact this book is well worth getting if you are a fan of the Mythic Tarot. :D

I also have the workbook, but mine is published by Rider, ISBN 0-7126-3007 (1989)

It contains some useful exercises to help you connect with your deck.

Le Fanu

Can anyone help me here. Id quite like to get the workbook for the Mythic tarot. I have the deck only edition (purple reversible backs :)) which of course doesn't come with a LWB.

On amazon there are 4 different versions listed and it really isn't clear what the difference is, if any...


All the customer reviews are the same...

(maybe they're just different editions of the same?)


Le Fanu said:
On amazon there are 4 different versions listed and it really isn't clear what the difference is, if any...

I'd guess they are all the same, just a different cover. The covers on the workbooks match the variations in the covers on the decks in the different editions. 1 & 3 look like the older version, when the deck had non reversable backs in purple. 2 & 4 look like later versions when the deck had reversable purple backs. None of them match the original version with the black back, so I'd guess that the workbook came later.

I had version 1 or 3, can't see how they would make it much different. There's not a heap of content in the workbook the majority was full size line drawings for coloring purposes with some space for notes etc..