Rider Waite Deluxe English vs German


hello all beautiful tarot fans!
I have been hunting this deck down for ages now. I know of several german versions that are available but I've been holding out for the english one, I have high hopes I'll find one.. I love german! So it isn't a huge problem, plus it could add a hint of mysticism :). But for some reason I'm just not giving in yet. so my question is, for anyone who has both decks or either deck, I've read that the german version has a different color, that it is more vibrant than the english version and I may not feel that. If anyone can verify that please let me know! I want to be absolutely sure its ok to give up my english deck dream, because I'm just not into poppy colors that are acid trip reminiscent. Thank you for your time!
I just adore gold edges -- dont you? :p


Thank you for reminding me of another deck I will likely never have! *bursts into tears* Actually I do like the gold edges. I try to tell myself to stay away from the limited edition stuff when I can, since I don't want to feel so guilty using the decks. Plus, what I do NOT need are more copies of the RWS! But, it is quite lovely and tempting. Good luck on your quest.:thumbsup:


I have both and they appear to be the same....I'm not at home so I cant send a photo but they are the same....


the english edition has two different versions. one with the goldish geometric pattern on the back and one with blue backs with a flower in the center, i happen to own the latter but id like to get the other one. I waiting to receive the german version and should get it this week.!