Robin Wood - Justice - 11


After reading Robin's description of how she drew the "Justice" card, what struck me most was that she had to make sure no "passion" was evident in the face or body language of the woman presented. Robin said, "She is very calm, because passion plays no part in her decisions." Thank goodness for that...the ol' saying, "Cooler heads prevail," makes a lot of sense when a fair and even-handed verdict is asked for.

I got to thinking about how I react when I feel strongly about something. I've been told I'm a passionate person, in general. Guess I wouldn't make for a very good judge, eh? But Robin's judge looks cool and confident. Not ruffled. No hasty decisions will be handed down from her anytime soon. No quick assumptions. Just the facts, please, from ALL sides concerned. When this card turns up in a reading, I'm reminded to take time with important decisions. My Ma used to say, "Haste makes waste." "Think before you speak," is another good one.

If the querent, be that myself or someone else, has a question concerning the fairness or not of a situation they are involved in, I am usually comforted when this card comes up...the right thing WILL happen...if not now, eventually...that is, if the card is upright and depending on where it falls in the spread. But if it's me asking the question, I'm only comfortable if my own conscious is least as much as possible. I'm also reminded that my sense of justice is not necessarily what the cosmos has in mind. Am I seeing things through rose-colored glasses or am I really seeing with crystal-clear vision? Is the outcome I'm looking for based on a personal agenda or am I willing to accept what benefits all involved? Many more questions such as these come up for me when "Justice" lands somewhere in a spread.

I get a kick out of how Robin writes little "asides," such as, "I gave this woman blonde hair and a light complexion to show that she is fair. (Alright, I know it's a pun. My mind often works that way!)" Reading Robin's book feels like she's sitting right next to me, being herself and sharing her thoughts like a long-time friend would. How refreshing! Here's a woman with incredible artistic skill and Tarot insight...not to mention insight on other topics, as well...and yet, she's not pompous or arrogant, but instead down-to-earth and downright funny. Really, really nice and refreshing!


I guess spinningspider has said it all about this one!

There's the sense balance and fairness: "the right thing WILL happen" has she said. Spinningspider highlighted the word "will", i would also highlight the word: "right".

I also agree important decisions, will take place. And that we must take time and think about them.


At one of Robin's workshops, before the book came out, I noticed something about this card that she later confirmed in the book: the fact that the hand holding the scales mirrors the hand holding the sword. Look at the dark opening in the long sleeve; that and the crosspiece of the scales echoes the sword with its quillons. Talk about balance!



In my work journal, I'd written down a description of this card, and actually wrote a whole rant about it... not quite sure yet what that was all about. SO, in the tradition of 'keeping things simple' as Occam's Razor postulates: Given a choice of explanations, the simiplest is usually correct.

The simple Justice:

A quiet card, showing no emotion, or passion, to ensure all considerations are fair minded; Justice manifests true objectivity. Within the description of the image, red represents the courage to stand as an impartial witness, giving unbiased thoughts and balances with insightful wisdom.

The keywords can be found within the above.


I like your simple justice! :)

and again i have to point one of your sentences (put it on my journal!): "Justice manifests true objectivity",
i really like it. I think this portraits the "intention" behind the image, to manifest objectivity and imparciality.


Thank you Moonson! I actually had a really hard time with this card, and even wrote a rant for the card. But after my journal, I always go and read what Robin has to say, and then to get to even greater depths on the card, I have (had until yesterday actually when I had to return it) Rachel Pollack's "Tarot Wisdom" from the library which gives so much information from so many sources about the cards. It helps to combine what I find valuable from various sources for each card with my own ideas. The objectivity was my thought because it's actually a conversation I have had many times, about many topics with my father.

The greatest thing about the cards that really give me a difficult time either in how the image impacts me, or not understanding what it is doing here, is that they actually teach me lessons in a greater way than cards I think I understand. lol