Robin Wood - Pages


GeorgiePorgie said:
Well, if you need anything from the book before you get it in your anxious little hands, just yell at me, and I will find the "anything" you are looking for.

Thanks so much! :)


CelticGirl said:
Hi Rhiamon! Did you end up looking at your Page cards? I'm curious to see what you think is on the Page of Swords and Page of Wands belts. I don't own the Robin Wood book (yet) and I can't completely tell what the items are. I'm anxious to see what others say. :)
ahh, yes I went straight to check them out and it's so amazing how much you can miss...I have studied these cards alot and never spotted those baffles will definately remember them now ;)


Yesterday I showed my friend who got me interested in this deck in the first place and she had never noticed either. :)


I have always had problems reading the court cards. Telling wheather they were talking about someone else or if they were aspects I need to look out for. Little hints and clues like spyglass and firecracker are great. I am really glad you pointed them out.


While I was browsing through old Robin Wood threads I came across this and thought I would post it here!

Gwynne said:
Each of the Pages have an object hanging from the belt. Robin Wood designed the deck so she'd never have to turn to the book or memorize meanings, so that it was all right there. Each Page has something to help remember what they are or what they do.

Page of Swords - a telescope - vigilance, insight
Page of Cups - a painter's pallette - artistic ability
Page of Wands - a firecracker - too much energy (think ADD!)
Page of Pentacles - a book - student, scholarship, studies

*Edit to add that someone had already posted this quote from the Page of Wands thread on the first page of this thread and I just didn't notice. Oopsie! :)


Yeah, it was a good idea to put it that way (I mean a little object that make a connection with the meaning of the page). And it makes them a bit original (more personalized).