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This is the only place I can think to post this seeing how the Robin Wood Deck is essentially a RWS clone. Having only seen blurry images on the net I was wonderin what other things the pages have. For example I know the page of Cups has a palette to symbolism creativeenergy and the Page of pentacles has a book to indicate scholarship. but what does the Page of Swords and Wands have?


Hi Muser257

There is a thread <click here> that you may want to read.


Thnks! it makes so much sense now.


Mnemonic Devices

I so appreciate how Robin Woods puts in helpful mnemonic devices (ie. the book with the Page of Pentacles, etc.) with the Pages to remind us better about some of the things we might think about when the Pages turn up in a spread. I like how Joan Bunning, in her excellent book, "Learning the Tarot," says when you get a Page, put "Be" before their qualities...such as for the Page of Pentacles: "Be prosperous" or "Be practical." Or for the Page of Cups: "Be emotional" or "Be loving" or "Be intuitive" or Be intimate"...etc....

Wondering, in general, how you readers deal with Pages when they come up?
Any tips? I used to be kinda worried when any Court card showed up in my readings...the more I learn, the more I find them fascinating. How about you folks? Are the Pages and other Court cards easier or harder to read with the Robin Wood deck vs other decks?


the courts are my WORST! i need help with them in general :(


Court Card Help

Am in the middle of studying the "Court Cards: Advance Reading Techniques,." It's an audio class of 16 CD's sold by "The Tarot School Audio Course Series," by Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone. Now I'm not an advanced Tarot reader by any means, but the info is so well-presented, I'm not having a hard time following it. I plan to casually listen to the CD's once and then go back again, with more in-depth study on my part...and again, and again...that's the beauty of a class on CD or tapes - the teacher doesn't wear out!!! They also have other audio classes on the Major and Minor Arcana and more, which I have a feeling I'll eventually purchase. The classes aren't cheap so I can't buy them willy-nilly, but well worth it to save up for, in my humble opinion.