Robin Wood - The Magician


I'm blanking on this card today. I know there's the representation of the God in there, male energy, but I can't seem to get past that. Any other ideas?


I always link this card to energy, but more specifically to creative energy, or I guess you could say divine energy. I think of it as the ability to take your energy or spirituality and to direct it into something in the manifest something tangible. Sometimes when this card comes up for me I see it as needing to use my energy somehow and usually to express my creative energy by either writing or doing anything creative really. That's just how this card works for me but I'd also be interested in hearing the thougths of others. I find it can be a difficult card to interpret when it comes up in a reading.


For me, he means action and to put things more in a concrete form. To go from ideas or concept to something done and materialized. There is all the side of willpower too.


The Magician uses illusion or whatever he can think up to convince others. He is very versatile, savvy, sophisticated and fun.

There is a study on here somewhere of all the cards and I joined that. I only got as far as the Magician which was not very far but I learned a lot from that. I made up my mind that each card would represent, more or less, a person. Guess who was the Magician to me ?...Bill Clinton ! He recreated himself.


The Robin's deck he sure is a good-looking guy, eh? And I love the twinkle in his eyes. Here's a man with loads of charm, wit and a supreme sense of humor. Couple that with being a man who's willing to share his expertise on ALL things magickal and that's someone I wouldn't mind spending time with.

In some decks I've seen, the Magician seems unapproachable. Not so in Robin's deck. Full of mystery...yes. But mysteries that can be attainable.

I like that Robin's key word for this card is "creativity." This is not stagnant information that the Magician is willing to teach, but information that bursts with life in all its possibilities. He has a handle on the four elements, the conscious and the unconscious mind and understands the "now" as well as the past and future.
Wow! Very powerful!! Makes me want to jump off my chair and DO SOMETHING positive and life-changing RIGHT NOW!


You know, sometimes as a magician, it seems that there is a good natured "trickster" quality too. I get that from the twinkle in his eyes.

I loved that the Horned God (Cernunnos, Herne) is represented by the stag that he wears on his head.

I also seem to get the impression that he has studied a long time to get where he is at and in Louis's "Tarot Plain and Simple" it states, "You are about to take advantage of the expertise you have gleaned from a period of disciplined training..." (Louis, 2005. p. 55).*

I will need to reflect more on the card to get more out of it, but I also notice Robins use of Black and white candle, almost as a reflection of balancing each other. I will review Robin's book and study the card and add more to my thoughts here.

* Louis, A. (2005) Tarot Plain and Simple. St. Paul, Minnesota. Llewellyn Publications.



to me this card represents mastering the forces within you, to become a magus yourself, new skill sbeing learnded with will power and much dedcated focus. i feel this card can show also some decpetion depending on what is asked of the spread, as the magus can hide a persons untruths, the mastery of covering over the issues they hide ... i feel this card urges the person to rely on their strong sense of will to get something new started and to work at their goals with concentrated effort to conjure into reality what they wish to achieve ... to me the magician shows you as being a powerful master at your own skills and desires and true will and sheer determination will get you to where you want to be in life if related to work or relationships etc. new periods of learning is related to this for me too, a time where the querrant will begin anew in an area they seek and getting to grips with accomplishing a new gift or trade.

Judith D

He has a real masculine attraction, doesn't he - slight smile, glint in the eye, and a hand held out offering you everything! All elements are available to him, right there on the table, and he can meld them together to create whatever he wishes, then turn and go between the black and white pillars behind him to enter whichever gateway he wants opened. There's a bit of danger there too - if you create it, is it really what you wanted? Do you really want that power?


i think this is more male fertility than it is in the rider-waite. i got this card in almost if not every reading i did for myself for about a month (along with the queen of pents) and what do you know? Last month was the first month we were trying to get pregnant and we succeeded right away...


the Magician

For me, one of the must pagan themed cards in this deck, along with others like the High Priestess or the Judgement, because it's a representation of the Horned God (Cernunnos), like Lewen has already said.

It shows to me the male energie/strenght and beauty (why not? :) ), but in a savage or subconcious way, represented by the stag on his head (our animal side? maybe...).

He is doing magic, i have no doubt. Because of the objects on the table (athame, the cup, the wand and the pentacle) and when one makes magic, one trys to change something. So, i guess it represents a change that is coming or at least the atempt to make a change.

The candles in the back, for me represent balance. For the contrast, black and white/good and wrong/ying and yang... so, i guess in order to have success (shown by the light in the candles) there must be balance.

In the right hand, he is offering the infinity, so i guess it means that the possibilities are endless...

Didn't merged into reversed yet (in fact i'm a bit affraid of them, because i have read that reversed cards ussually mean bad things!), but it fell... and i've seen it reversed! What caught my eye, was the yellow part of the card (head and horns). What's that mean? HELP!! :)