ROC Oct. 2016 - CosmicBeing and AndromedaStarSeed


1. #54 Emerging
This card is about lack of vision, confusion, and unknowing-ness. Also a card of recognizing that even people who look to have it all together have moments of self-doubts, confusion, and lack of vision.

My advice may seem me it sounds counter-productive. But I think the card is telling you to focus on this feeling and really try to gain clarity or at least understand why you are feeling this way. Over time this will lead to moments of happiness and in the long run happiness.
I think this card is speaking of the past. I've been trying so hard to be super-tech, super-woman, not be so weird, be this THING that I'm not. I've wanted people to accept me so much that I tried to change who I was. That got me nowhere. I was completely miserable. I just felt everyone else had their shit together and I was just rambling along. Then I realized that what they were portraying was a lie. Then after that stuff started clicking and things got better.
2. #34 Lightning
Illumination, Divine inspiration, manifestation of wisdom. Shamanic initiation, latent psychic powers.

This to me is saying focus less on trying to find divine or higher reasons for where you are in life.

Card #54 & #34 together to me is telling instead of looking for higher reasons...look at the now and look at the mundane.

Interesting. I just read Colette Baron-Reid's blog asking if we were muggles or wizards. Muggles go into the complain mode about life and wizards are awed by life. Muggles experience spiritual narcolepsy, whilst wizards embrace more than the physical..find the mystical in the everyday. Look at everything as a miracle. I've always felt like I needed to find the magic whatever in order to have what I wanted, but like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I've always had the power. I just needed to learn how to use it.

3. #52 Lavandula
Regarded as something of a cure-all, Lavender has a long been revered by many in the healing profession. It has a tonic, calming effect, and may even reduce the pain and residual effects of burns. It's a healing card.

I think what to focus on in the grand scheme is healing.

That's funny. I've started to get into essential oils. I bought a kit from a MLM company ( I won't name which one), but I really love the lavender oil. I put it on a cotton ball and stick it in my pillowcase to help me sleep. I put it in the laundry, so my clothes smell nice. I am a healer. I do Reiki and I work in healthcare.

4. #70 Communion
Honoring one another. Harmony, shared aspirations and dreams. Participation, fellowship, connection. Acknowledging the sanctity of place. Unification through common interests. Identity through affinity. Community & communion.

What you should focus less on in the grand scheme is trying to connect with everyone. You are going to connect with some and you are not going to connect with others.

This is one that I'm slowly learning. I'm still trying to find my tribe. Some of my friends think what I do is weird, woowoo or whatever. They tell me I'm a Voodoo Hippie. I don't think my family quite knows how to place me. That's cool. I'll keep doing my thing and eventually stuff will fall into place.
5. #50 Flower of Life
Sacred Geometry. Flower of life is symbolic of life itself. The card suggests there are no accidents, plan is laid, the ground work has been attended to, the unfolding will continue as it will, until all is!

I think the new skill you should take on is Sacred Geometry.

I gotta say this one threw me for a loop. I've never really been into Sacred Geometry. I really don't have any affinity for it. Then I thought about Archangel Metatron. He uses his cube (sacred geometry) for healing. He transmutes the energy. I think maybe this card is telling me to call on Archangel Metatron for help. He might be an angel I'm aligned with. I'm also doing yoga and would one day like to complete the 200 hour yoga teacher course. There's so much to learn!
6. #76 Forgiveness
A time for peace, for forgiveness, for compassion towards self and others; a relinquishing of old wounds, cleansing, purging, deliverance, and liberation.

It seems like you may be holding onto old pain, regrets, grievance, etc. You haven't forgiven or relinquished it.

I'm slowing starting to forgive myself for my past mistakes. Sometimes I look back at stuff and was like why did I do that?!? *face palms* I'm also trying to forgive others. Looking back I'm realizing that some of these people that I thought were friends weren't very nice. I thought they were my ticket to happiness, but they weren't. I'm trying to get unstuck. Doing yoga has helped that. I've been doing a lot of "hip openers", lengthening my psoas and other hip flexor muscles. We hold a lot of emotional gunk in the hips. So stretching and healing that area can release some of that.
I Hope this made sense...I can relate to these cards a maybe we are in the same boat right now.

It was very interesting. We always get something out of our readings for others. They're as much for us as the person we're reading for. I know I do. I just figure it's the universe's way of getting something through my skull. Perhaps it creates empathy or compassion. But I think as readers we tend to be on the empathic side anyway.

Thank you for the reading CosmicBeing.



The suggested spread for October is the How to be happier in everyday life spread by Saskia. I recommend reading Saskia's blog post on the basis of this spread and why she created it here for more insight.

1 2 3 4 5 6 (Linear)

1. What should I focus more in my everyday life?

Vision (Aphrodite)-8

This card indicates a setback, but because of the setback, great wisdom is gained. If something bad has happened recently, see it more as an opportunity to release something that no longer served you. Something better is coming along and you need to be rid of all the residual garbage in order to make room for it. You'll be stronger for it in the long run, although at the moment it doesn't seem so.

disappointment, delays, & failures have been a major theme.

2. What should I focus less in my everyday life?

The Fledgling-1

This card is about being the learner. So, in your case, I think it's telling you to get out of student/apprentice mode and start being the journeyman or even the master. You've had enough time to hone your craft, start doing it. It's time for you to pay it forward and mentor someone else.

I won't be going to higher education for a while...which i am happy about because I need to realign my views of where to really invest my money and time.

3. What could I focus more in the grand scheme of things?


You're not seeing the forest for the trees. There's a lot of disconnect in your life and you aren't sure how all these facets of you merge into the whole package. Every part of you is what makes you you. Give some love to your shadow self. That's the only way you can be the authentic you. You'll be so much happier once you acknowledge that part of you.

I'll keep that in mind. Trying to merge all my facets to find the right path for me.

4. What should I focus less in the grand scheme of things?

The Warrior-2

I have the feeling that you think you have to do everything for people or shield them from the world. You aren't doing yourself or anyone else any favors by not letting them learn their own lesson. Yes, it's difficult to watch people struggle when you know you can do it in 2 seconds. If you don't they'll never learn and there will be a time when you won't be there to bail them out.

I'm at the point that I don't really do too much for others. I mean I give free readings so i guess that putting myself out there to help. But, I haven't really try to shield anyone in my life or do something for them that they struggle with.

I personally feel everyone is being invasive with me which I haven't been liking for a bit and they might even be trying to do everything for me and shield me.

5. What new skill would be beneficial for me?


As my mom says for every yin there's a yang. But, if you only focus on the negative, you won't see the good that can come out of it. Like a rose. If you only focus on the thorns, you won't see the flower, and that's worth seeing. This card is not telling you to ignore the thorns, but to look past them and to see the value underneath the negative.

I use to be able to do this...but now I mostly see the negative in situations and people. I lately hardly feel the positive outweighs the negative of different situations.

I am trying to get back into meditation and realize what is the positive that came out of some ugly situations I have had in my life as of now.

6. What I'm still holding on that doesn't serve me at all?


This card talks about realizing that people don't think the same as you. You'll always have disagreements and see the world differently. That doesn't mean that you can't appreciate what they have to offer. Apples and Oranges are both fruits, but they're not the same. This is also true for people. We all come from the same Source.

Yea, I need to keep this in mind. I have thought about deleting a lot of my accounts across the board because I haven't really seen it too beneficial dealing with people online. Just opens ya up to move negativity and more arguments that I don't have time for.

I have the feeling that you are ready to embark on a new adventure. There is the ego telling you that you're not ready, you have to learn more, get more certifications, etc. You are ready. I think you may be afraid because of a failure. You've learned from your mistake and now you are stronger than ever. Get some confidence in yourself and your abilities and you will go far in life. I think you're going through a career shift and don't know how your past experience translates into the new field. It's ok that you're brand new. What you learned in the past will always serve you. Take it with you.

Yea, I am in a career shift and I'm trying to figure out where to go net and how my past experience translates into a new field. I am also having to figure out what I actually enjoy and what I don't. I do need more education that's for sure...but my ego is definitely saying I am not ready or able to embark onto something new...there is still a lot to deal with the present.

Thank you for letting me read for you. I hope this resonates with you.


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