Rooftops (Regrets and Introspection)


Rooftops by Lostprophets
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First song I ever learned on guitar, first song my friends and I learned as a band. Having a bad day? Scream this song on a roof during the rain. Trust me it works. Better with a group.
This song is about how everything can end at any moment and how the speaker feels about, assuring us he has no regrets. It's about living in the moment and loving every moment of it.
Epic solo might I add. :D

Card one- Your biggest doubt
"When our time is up, When our lives are done, Will we say we've had our fun?"
----This card represents the nagging question at the back of your mind. This is what you spend most of your time worrying about.

Card two- Your biggest regret
"Will we make our mark, This time. Will we always say we tried?"
----If it all did end now, what WOULD you regret the most? If at all?

Card three- All the Love You've Met
"All the love I've met, I have no regrets, If it all ends now, I'm set."
----The greatest and simplest moments of your life. The memories you'll always cherish. I think you should pull more than one card for this because you should focus more on the better memories than the bitter ones, but that's just me. ^_^

Card four- Screaming on the Rooftops
"Standing on the rooftop, Waiting till the bomb drops, This is all we've got now, Scream until your heart stops, Never gonna regret, Watching every sunset, Listen to your heartbeat, All the love that we've felt."
----End result. All the previous cards rolled into one. This can sum up everything you've ever done in your life, regrets AND memories. Should the bomb drop now this would be the imprint you as a person are leaving behind.

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That's heavy. I got two 5s and two 7s. Nice spread, but I'm going to have to think on what I got some more! :D


Amanda_04 said:
That's heavy. I got two 5s and two 7s. Nice spread, but I'm going to have to think on what I got some more! :D
I know right? Such a meaningful song chock full of all sorts of jumping energy. I rarely use my own spreads but I'm probably going to make an exception for this one. Let me know how it turns out once your meditation is done and the such. ^^