Rosemary Oil & Dreams ---


I read somewhere that rosemary oil will help with dreams (stimulate dreams & help to remember them). I tried it, and it worked. I just put a few drops in a little tin beside the bed. Well, the past few nights I've had very vivid dreams, and most I could figure out. But in one dream, I woke up with the phrase "bride's eyes" on my mind. Does anybody have any idea how this could be interpreted? I couldn't remember anything else about this dream, other than "bride's eyes" and that somehow it meant dark circles under the eyes. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post, but here it is anyway! Any help will be appreciated! Jeanette


i just bought rosemary conditioner! i'll be looking for some good dreams.


New River

'bride's eyes', hmmmmmm.....

maybe this means looking at something with a lot of expectation. thinking it will be ideal and perfect.

since these expectations can cause us to lose a lot of sleep when they don't 'measure' up, we could get those dark circles under our eyes.

rosemary is good for the memory too. i used to tuck a sprig behind my ear when studying for exams. even if it doesn't help, mmmmmm, it smells so good!

love, light and hope, New River


i saw a rosemary tree at the store today. it smelled soooooo great. it was trimmed into the shape of a christmas tree and about 1.5 feet tall.

i'm buying it on thursday!


ps so what else is it good for?


Hmmm, now maybe your subconcious, your brain, your dreams are trying to warn you to get that tin out of your bedroom .... I don´t know, but I´ll give you some facts on rosemary oil:

Rosmarinus officinalis:

The oil is collarless or yellow-ish, has the sence of kampher/eucalyptis and taste very aromatic and burning.

Stimulates blood circulation, tender muscles, digestion, healing of the skin.

Stimulates the nervesystem


When inhaled it works on lungs, bronchitis, the flue

Put directly on forhead and neck it works on headaches and migreenes

Rosemary disturbs sleep, gives vivid dreams and leave the user unrestet, always use in the early hours of the day to avoid this. Avoid rosemary in the bedroom because of its stimulating effect on the CNS ( central nerve system = brain)

If you want good quality beuty dreams, use Lavender instead. If you wanna remember your dreams, try to find your REMrythm, and wake up 15 min before you use to or maybe 15 min later.

Using rosemary on long term basis to stimulate dreams is close to taking extacy to see collars ...... so please take care.


I had no idea what I was getting myself into, bec! Thanks for all of the info. I only wanted to remember my dreams, not have bizarre ones! Last night I dreamt of ant holes all over my ceiling. WEIRD. Anyway, before I even read your post, I bought some lavender oil. Maybe I somehow subconsciously intercepted your warning? I plan to use it tonight instead of the rosemary, and I'll report back about the results! Watch out, jade, see what you're in for ;) Jeanette


wow :O

i'm so surprised by this info.

thanks soooo much.




about that tree you´re talking about - don´t be afraid to buy it - just keep it out of your bedroom or any other room ppl sleep in or stays up until late in.
My suggestion is to put it in the room you drink your morning tea in ..... It does have wonderfull qualities. :)


ha ha ha ha ha

you haven't seen my little tiny house that we live in. there is nowhere to put a plant that doesn't fall in one of those catagories. LOL

oh well, i can wait for spring and plant one outside instead! :D

love and light,


Cunningham's book of magical herbs has this to say:
"...When placed beneath the pillow rosemary ensures a good sleep and drives away nightmares. Laid under the bed it protects the sleeper from all harm..."

hmmmmm :)

i guess you have to try it for yourself and make a decision!