Roy de Batons


The Roy de Batons is one of the two younger Kings. (The other is the Roy d'Epees. They look very much alike - definitely a family air about them - although the Roy d'Epees is a bit chubbier, due to a lack of exercice.)

The Roy de Batons looks to be an active person, which fits in nicely with the element - if you go along with the Fire/Baton correspondence. He looks like he's quite ready to stand up in a flash to defend his values if need be. He has all the energy of his youth still available.

He's extrovert. And rather vain. Looks like he spends hours in front of his mirror every morning - (contrary to his consort, la Reyne de Batons, who looks rather neglected - why doesn't she get a haircut?). This King is very fashion conscious.

We already spoke of his beautifully fashioned Baton in the general thread Batons. But I'll mention again how it has been transformed from a "vulgar" branch cut from a tree, to a wonderfully sculpted Baton that confers great prestige and power.

My personal opinion of this King, when I look at him in my Marseilles decks, is that he's a bit of a parvenu. Under his finely polished mannerisms and manucured nails is someone whose morals could be doubtful. His lack of modesty is a bit suspicious. Although he can be a responsible and knowledgeable fellow, I wouldn't like to stir his wrath. That stick of his is rather pointy, and it could poke out his enemies' eyes in no time.


Le Roy, the King... of battons.

If some of those considerations between the suit and the stations of life are in any way credible, than this may have been considered the lowest of the Kings - a king of the peasants, so to speak. Yet, considered with its common attribution of Fire, and this latter possibly Kabalistically connected to most refined of the four realms, the highest!

Of course, the card itself shows no elemental attributions, and whether one wants to make a link with Fire, Air, Water or Earth remains considerations made outside of the deck proper. For myself, I often (but not solely) connect the Wands to Air, and as such tend to connect this King with the need to make - or the actual making of - a decision in an extroverted way (by looking outwards to others) and by thinking through the situation at hand (in the MBTI, an ENTJ).

As mentioned by Diana, this King appears to be one of the younger of the Kings (only he and his Sword counterpart are beardless... I must be old, then), and, as mentioned in the general thread on the courts of this suit, there appears to be a progressively more crafted aspect to the batton as it passes the hands of, progressively, the Page, Knight, Queen and finally reaches the King.

Unlike the previously discussed King of Coins, the King of Battons seems clearly indoors. His dais seems extremely solid, though cushioned and comfortable, with a back support.

There is a sense in which he appears to be pointing to a very specific point upon the pavement (I chose this word, as I was taught, with caution), especially given his sitting position, which appears on the edge of his seat, with a mild forward lean...

Here is a King which, above all, appears ready for any eventuality, his dress appearing both regal, yet over what is possibly armor.