rune readings are more negative than my cards


does anyone else have this happen to them?

whenever i do a rune spread, with rune cards or rune stones.......i find that the reading is very very deep and almost always speaks of something 'not nice' that is coming up.

it is a great cautionary tool of divination.

does anyone else have this experience?

in light,


I have the Ralph Blum rune stones, I don't do rune readings anymore because I found they didn't give me good readings for insight or self discovery, like tarot does, - most of the readings I did didn't make any sense. I used to get Hagall alot when we were having bad weather lol
I might go back to them someday but at the moment I'm having more fun with tarot and the I Ching :)


Emily and Jade;

A question for you.
The answer is critical.

What is the set of Runes made out of?

How did your bond with/or consecrate them?

The material used in the Runes sets a tone. As stated in the Column “Rune Study: Mind and Materials” here in the Divination thread, Glass or Ceramic tend to be fickle. I personally do not like metals. I am a stone person. Malachite likes his Pewter. Different materials have a different vibration level.

From my experience (not book learning) I find that consecrating is not as polite as bonding.
The materials may not like what you did. Did you attempt to change the vibrational level of the materials used? Did you know the vibrational level?

The answers to these questions are important. I look forward to addressing them.

I do suggest going back to "Mind and Materials".



i use reiki to cleanse my stones. they are blue solialite runes. as well as my rune cards.

i use reiki with all my spiritual stuff.....from pentacles and magic to reading.

it's not that my runes are off-base. they are right on....they just tend to discuss conflicts and obstacles.

in light,


…no your Runes aren’t ‘off’, and Reiki is great a great way to purify them.

Sodalite is great to work with. I do have a suggestion that will help.

Use Reiki again to clean them, and then just carry them with you for three days without using them.

All natural materials have different harmonic levels. When using a natural material, it is important to attune yourself to its vibrational level.

Think of it as tuning into a radio, you cannot make one station come in at a slightly different wavelength, you have to find the correct wavelength to receive the station in full.


great idea........should i do that with the rune cards too?


ps i love love love learning.............thanks!


I think a lot of this is down to interpretation...
Just because a rune may have negative conotations, that isn't the be all and end all of its meaning...
Obviously, I don't know the context of the readings, but I find quite often, the runes show me what could go wrong, or what to avoid...I find that more useful than simply 'what could go right'...

My simple take on Perspectives:
Tarot:...Keep your glass full, and it will never be empty!
Runes:...Go and Fill your glass again, its getting empty, you twit!




that is exactly what i was trying to say and somehow couldn't. i guess i needed my co-mod to help me out..............thanks love.

in light,
jade :)


...and I say...try the other anyway! to the glass being half full, or half empty...IT ALL DEPENDS IF YOU ARE DRINKING OR POURING!


i still am umbrae, i just have to wait until we've moved so i can unpack them :)