Rune Readings


Seeing as there is a big trend for Readings at the moment, and how I really need some public reading practice...;)

Is there anyone out there who'd like me to do a rune reading for them?


*raising hand tentatively* me? please?

I know absolutely nothing about runes... so this should be interesting. should I ask a question, or can you do an open "reading?"

- joya


I'm sure open readings can be done, but I'm not really sure I'd be able to do you justice without at least some kind of direction to go in.
Any ideas?


man, you're fast! hi.

ummmmm...... question...... okay, well this is still kind of open... maybe a "what do I need to know right now" --- or actually, how can I get out of this energy slump I feel?

does that work for runes? if not, I can get more specific...


*Raisng her hand not so tentatively* ME! oh! ME! ME! please... ;)

I would like to know about University. Not only the actual studying thing, but the fact that I will be moving in with Simon at the same time, and living in my own home, doing my own thing.. I'd like to know how it will come off, and any advice or warnings you could give me would be great..



Wow...two already...

Joya:...that'll be fine!...

both:....You may or may not have any opinions, but would you want to choose a stone set?...I have Onyx, Crystals, and Pewter...If one of those appeals, shout, otherwise I'll just pick one for the question..


pewter please


I have an affinity with your crystal set. (Cuz I was the one who bought it for you...! :) )



Me me too please Malachite!

I'd just be after a general overview of issues in my life for the year ahead (if that's possible with runes.) I had a kind of confusing spread after asking this question on Samhein, so it'd be fascinating to see what the runes make of it!

Thanks a bunch! - Mermaid


*question form an illiterate*

Can I ask you, Malachite, how you perform your readings?

Do you pick a couple of Runes from inside the bag?
Do you throw your bag down, and read the stones facing up?
... I have no idea...

What's your technique?