Rune Readings



Joya:...I did yours last night. Do you want me to psot it, or mail it to you?

Pollux:...I'm doing my usual short reading for all the questions, as its the one I'm used to...That involves drawing 2 runes together, then two more singly...its good for present tense things, especially emotional ones...

But I'm doing a longer reading as well, Joya's was 7 runes, drawn...The longer reading changes with the question...tailor-made, as it were.

I don't really use standard rune drawing techniques, mostly cos I haven't had a lot of practice with them...I do what feels comfortable and works...;)


Malachite! I would love a rune reading :) Although if you have too many offers at the moment, feel free to say, "Too much!" and miss me out...

I don't mind if you post it online, I would like others comments on it.

Do you need a question?
How will the rest of this year go in terms of work, friends, love and home life? A lot there I know... just consentrate on one section of this if you want...


hey Malachite --- thanks! I can't wait to read it.

either post or email, whatever is the easiest for you! :)



short reading.
couplet:...Othila, Sowelu

The first rune suggests that you need to find where you are at home. Returning mentally or physically to a place where you feel comfortable, and where you can be yourself.
Coupled with sowelu, this suggests a need for light and harmony.
Sowelu is sunlight, a source of power and life-force. To have this dawning in your life would be a good thing, and is something that is available to you now.
With these two runes, I had an image of a landscape, with shadows of clouds blowing across the hills, and bright sunlight taking over.

Third Rune:
Choosing your path will be the most important step, after that, consequences will begin to follow themselves. Choosing the right path will bring the right consequences, but it will be harder to change paths the further you go along this journey.
You must not be frightened to pass judgement on the issues and people in your life, at least in terms of their importance to you. Do not shy from action, and from enforcing what you believe to be right. Follow your own rules, and be proud of them.

Fourth Rune:
Many things are in chaos in your life at the moment, and this is causing you pain. You are slightly afraid to escape, as you know that this will be a painful thing to do, but you cannot sit still and endure it for any longer.
This runes reminds you that no path in life can be totally painless.
Change is a thing of power, and before new can be built, old must be cleared away.
However, don't feel you have to start the conflicts to clear things out. Keep the peace where you can, and where you can't, thats the things that need clearing. Thurisaz is the rune of thorns. You don't have to go looking for them, but be prepared to prune them if the stand in your way.

As a whole, this reading suggests a period of upcoming change, but as something you yourself must be prepared to begin. Don't be ashamed of who you are, and let the world know this.


Long reading...yup..its longer..;)

For this reading, I felt that seven runes was an appropriate number, and laid them in the following order.


Don't ask why. It just felt right!

1: Current influences
2: Past Influences
3: Emotional desires
4: Obstacles, especially introspective
5: Positive result
6: Key to obstacle
7: Warning rune

Current Influences.............Peorth
This rune is generally considered to be rather mysterious, and this may tie in with a feeling of being out of your depth, lost in a labyrinth that is always changing, and wondering where you want to be, let alone how you get there.
However, this rune also suggests that a change is in the air. This process has already begun, perhaps, but you do not know what the end result will be. Peorth has been linked to pregnancy, and the 'dice-cup'. Although not apparently related, these do have something in common. Both suggest that you must follow the change before you know what the results will be. They suggest BIG changes, not to be taken lightly. You must decide what is at stake here, and this may be what is bothering you.

Past Influences.................Inguz
Classically, this is the Male Fertility and Creative aspect. Taken literally, it may suggest that you feel dominated by the men around you. By extension, you may be pandering to other people's desires of what you should be, and not showing enough of your own unique character.
As a past influence, this may be something that is increasingly less important, or even a part of the distant past in your life, but it is something that is still affecting the important decision that you make in your life.
One notable thing is that the male aspect here ties in with the female aspect of your current influences. This indicates a change in your expression of yourself, and perhaps even the balance of your male/female energies.

Emotional desires............Raidho
This is the rune of journeys, and as a desire, it shows that you want to get away from your current situation. I think this is quite a simple reading, as desires are usually pretty basic.
Part of you is screaming 'get out!', and you may or may not want to follow this advice.

As in the shorter reading, this came up as something that is holding you back. You perhaps feel unwilling or unable to take more control in what goes on in your life.
However, don't be afraid!... The spear of justice is your's to wield. Get out there and stab that negative energy...figuratively speaking, of course.

Positive result..........Berkana
When the snows recede, the trees grow leaves again, and spring comes around. Once winter has left your life, you will be free to regrow.
This will be a good time to start new things, either projects, or changes in your life. Make this a fresh start. Once you have pinned back your world to just the things that you want to be there, the initiative and the energy will be yours!

Key to solution........Kenaz
This is the rune of the guiding light. Follow your own path, lit by your own torch.
Find a light, that can guide you out, and follow it until you are free. Find some thing, that interests you, and can absorb your negative energy, and replace it with positive vibes, and make you feel whole and happy.
This rune also has an aspect of physical healing, as a tool of cautery. In 'olden-times', sometimes the only way to heal an injury was by the application of fire, to burn out the wound, and take away infection. This is symbolic, but it does indicate that relatively drastic measures may be required to heal your emotional wounds.

Eihwaz is the rune of polar opposites. I intended to read this rune as a reversal, or murkstave. However, this is one of the runes which has no reversed meaning. From the situation you are in, the inevitable path is upward.
However, this does not mean that there are no warnings.
As a rune of opposites, there is a suggestion that changes will divide you from things or people that are currently close to you, and this can put strain on your life.
It also suggests, as a very symbolic rune of pairs, that you will need a friend and ally on your journey, someone who will not question who you are. Eihwaz is about the balance that keeps poles together, and you need someone as a friend who will be an equal. A friendship without a balance and equality is not a real friendship. All journeys work better with a companion, and yours will be no different. Think, two heads are better than one, etc..

Again, this reading is about moving on, albeit through a possibly painful patch to start with. The way is out there for you to enter a new and fertile phase of your life, but you have to have the motivation and determination, and self-pride, to cut through all the crap in your life, and emerge out on the sunlit plains of the other side, as it were.

Hope this is of use to you...


Malachite! :) :) :)

wow. that was great!!! I'm so impressed. Your reading made a lot of sense and was very in-depth. I will definitely give you more feedback -- but I need to read it over a few more times. ..... and I just got back from camping all weekend and am heading (crawling) to bed. ... sleepy... getting sleepy.... zzzzzzzzzzzz. thank you -- and I'll talk to you soon.

xo, joy


Thanks a bunch, Malachite, I can't wait!
Can I ask for the onyx runes, if that's OK?

Feel free to either post it or mail it when it's done, either's fine by me -



Hi Malachite. I'm back. well rested and at work. (argh)

... okay, so, some feedback:

this reading (the longer of the two especially) speaks to me on several different levels -- both the mundane and what is happening spiritually. ... though I guess they're both the same thing, really. ...
Current Influences - Peorth / BIG CHANGE
yes. I am currently packing up my apartment -- and moving into an apartment (beautiful place!) above my boyfriend. Also, I have been undergoing a big change myself -- as the energy of things has become clearer. I am getting more in-touch with my source of power, and especially the source of feminine power.

Past Influences - Inguz / Male Fertility (Influence) -
yup. .... dominated by the men around me... in the past it was brothers and old boyfriends... in the present it's bosses, and putting up with vulgar comments and lustful stares from men in the street. trying to overcome that! (also trying to "be my own person" and be in a relationship.... something that has been hard in the past. it's either been all or nothing -- and usually was all, and then nothing... if that makes sense.)

Emotional Desires - Raidho / Journey
this could relate to my wanted to leave my current position and company -- and even my desire to leave this entire comercialized, constructed society I feel trapped it! (though I don't even know how I could do that -- since this seems to be the way of the world, or at least the american way. oh yay.) I also worry if this is also talking about myself and my relationship with my boyfriend. I love him -- but every now and then I get a pull from somewhere else, the freedom urge, when the other "evil" gemini twin emerges. :( hope not.

Obstacles - Tiewaz / Motivation
yah! gotta get stabbing that negative energy! garrrrr!

Positive Result - Berkana / Regrowth
this sounds good. I feel like I'm in the process of "pinning back" my world right now... to the things that matter most.... and I am feeling more alive...

Key to the Solutions - Kenaz / Guiding Light
it's so hard for me to feel/see/hear the light. I often wonder if it exists and why I can't seem to tap in.... I'll keep trying......

Warning - Elhwaz / Opposites
hmmm, I like this one! "the inevitable path is upward" is very encouraging. and I also like the fact that it talks about "a friend and ally on my journey, someone who will not question who you are...." I hope this is referring to my boyfriend -- as we are old souls together.... no man is an island, I've been told more than once in reference to my actions. I'd like to think that I've found my "partner in crime"....

I hope this feedback helps. I think you are very insightful and talented. Like I said I know nothing of runes -- and the energy of the reading is very different that tarot. It seems more "eastern" -- more simplistic, and relating to the energies on a broader scale.....

thank you again!!!!! I owe you :)


Don't worry folks, I AM still doing this!...