Rune Stones or Decks?


I've recently found a very nice rune deck (at least I like the artwork) I have never worked with runes before and I thought this might be a good way to introduce myself to them, since I'm already used to working with cards. Anyone have an opinion on this? Is it better to learn with stones or cards? I've also considered getting the Witches Runes.

Thanks for any input!
Rhiannon :)


Have been working with stones for awhile.

Runes are runes, be they carved on stone, wood, or bone.

Cards are cards.

I kinda dislike the concept of artwork in conjunction with runes. It is not what they are about.

Pick up a copy of Runecaster’s Handbook by Edred Thorsson (very basic primer) and Teutonic Magic by Kveldulf Gundarsson (Very good, should you decide Runes are right for you).

A word of caution: ANY book, deck, monograph, etc. that speaks of 25 runes (the blank rune is the key giveaway)…Stay away from…it is bogus…any book, deck, monograph, etc. that speaks of Celtic Runes, is bogus…stay away from.

(All Runestone sets come with 25 stones, just keep the blank as a spare...).


i love the witches runes. i love the artwork and the info.

i also have beautiful blue rune stones that i love.

runes are wonderful to use and i recommend you getting some......whatever sort 'speaks' to you!

in light,


The 25th Rune rule is a little strict, I think.
Granted, the original volva seers didn't use a blank rune, but that doesn't mean you can't use it if you want to.
Personally, I do have a 25th with one of my sets, but as a rune added myself, not as a blank. ( strangely enough, the symbol I use on that rune, which has been my little icon for years, and was totally original in concept, turned up reversed in a runic font i found yesterday!...weird...!)

I have never used cards as a method of runeworking. I think that if you are, then think of them of cards, as i do not think they will carry the same depth of emotion as stones or staves. However, i might be wrong.

On the other hand, they will introduced the concepts ok, and the use of pictures might help you *comprehend* the meanings of each symbol easier than texts, assuming the artist was well informed.

Keep me posted on this, I'd like to know how well they work.!

Oh, and Celtic Runes could be a mix up with the Ogam oracle, which is just as interesting, but very different in interpretation...its not fake per se, just not the same....


I think there are different 'types' of people interested in Tarot/Runes, etc... Two of the types are:

1) Those who prefer to have some imagery in front of them to read from, to inspire thought, etc... These types get on really well with Tarot. I am one of them.

2) Those who prefer to be inspired to thought through a keyword that springs to mind from a single symbol. These types get on really well with Runes, and some find Tarot not so much to their taste. (Adam, you're one of them!)

So, if you're a type 1, you'd probably get on well with the Rune cards, but if you're a type 2, you'd definitely prefer the traditional stones.



You've got to makes us different, haven't you!...

(thats why I'm making that deck, btw...its kind of a bridge!...)


Thanks for the input guys! Kiama, I think you're right. I definitely prefer to have lots of pretty pictures with lots of key symbols (sometimes I flake ;) ) to remind me of what I'm doing.

I'll think about it for a while longer and then decide if I'm going to get any or not. Just now hubby says it's HIS turn to buy something fun and he wants a game for his new PS2 system. So I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks. :D

Rhiannon :)


I got huge butterflies in my stomach just watching the first card! I *got* to have this one. I even lost my breath... You think it's a sign? :p


Btw, what's the name of this deck? (So I can find it at amazon...) :)


Aeonx: You're not the only one! I found this deck quite breathtaking....