Rune Study Group: Consecration, Getting To Know Them


Consecrating and Getting To Know Your Runes


Any Rune Master will tell you that they have a favourte set of Runes that they feel 'close to'. This set is usually one which has been through alot with them... Like a favourite Tarot deck which has travelled the world with you... The memories evoked when using that favourite deck or Runes set are ones that no other set can evoke... This is what makes a set of Runes special to you. Consecrating a set of Runes is like making the set uniquely yours, and giving it a purpose. When you consecrate, you are making these tools into sacred and special objects, and putting your energies into the Runes themselves. Whether or not this makes any difference as to how well the Runes work is another matter. Consecration is more of a sign to you that these Runes are special, and this means you use them with more respect and effectiveness.


There are so many different practices involved when consecrating Runes, and each practice is individual: It is entirely subjective, and based on what the individual wants.

Common Practices:

- Consecration by the Four Elements. This is when each Rune is passed individually through each of the 4 Elements. This may involve passing each Rune through a candle flame, through the smoke from incense, through salt or earth, and leaving the Runes in a running river over a period of time.
- Consecration by Sun and Moon. This is when the whole set is left in the light of either the Sun or Moon for a certain period of time. This time length can range from 1 hour to 24 hours... Sometimes even to 48 hours.
- Consecration through Ritual. This is when the Runes are consecrated in an organised ritual, where the Rune Master will mainly use words and gestures to imbibe the Runes with energy and 'sacredness'.
- Consecration through Prayer. Some people may prefer to hold each Rune in their hands and pray to their Deity that these Runes be consecrated to them, etc...
- Consecration through Energy. This is when the Rune Master puts their energy into each individual Rune through various methods. Some of these may include visualisation, meditation, and breath.
- Consecration through familiarity. This is when the Rune are carried with the Rune Master everywhere, for a period of time. Like sleeping with a new Tarot deck under your pillow. You could keep the Runes attached to a belt, in your pocket, or sleep with them close to you... This way your energy runes into the Runes themselves.
- Consecration through any number of the above, and any combination of them! This is where you mix any of the methods above together, and possibly include some of your own ideas that I haven't included. Consecration is like singing: No two voices are exactly the same.

Getting To Know The Runes

This is simple. It basically involves familiarising yourself with each Rune: Its appearance, name, meaning, sound, use... Like you would with Tarot cards, you could look at each Rune, and try to work out what each Rune is shaped like: What it is supposed to represent. (They all represent something, I promise!) This can help you alot with getting used to each one's meanings. However, you may need to think like a Norse Rune Master during this: There are no Runes shaped to represent any type of motorbike, alarm clock, or dish washer. Sorry. ;p It would also be useful to try and work out WHY the Norse associated these symbols with these meanings. For instance, the first Rune, Feoh, is meant to look like the horns of a cow, and Cattle (The original meaning of this Rune) to the Norse signified mobile wealth and prosperity, because owning cows meant you had milk, meat, butter, clothing, tools, a means of bartering, and a means of getting money. If you owned a cow, you were dead rich!

Meditating on what you have discovered may also be attractive to you... But it all depends on what you feel comfy with. If you really want, you don't have to consecrate at all! I didn't at first... I just went right ahead and read with the Runes... It wasn't unti lI had had them for 2 years that I actually got round to consecrating them! (Oops!)

Anyway, I have to go to work now. Have a great time with your Runes!


PS- If anyone has any other ways of gettin to know your Runes, let us know! My experence is quite limited, cuz I haven't had that much contact with many Rune users...


Bonding and Consecration, you may want to look at the Rune Study: Mind and Materials thread again.
Is there a difference between the two? Not really, both are valid methods for attuning yourself to your runes. Both get the job done.
Both serve to 'get serious' with your runes.


What's the difference? As you said yourself, Umbre, Consecration is less 'polite' than bonding.



there is a difference...

A huge difference...

Bonding or consecration…the difference is the result.

One purifies, the other attunes.

I apologize...Sometimes I write when I am at work and concentrating on my job, hammering out an answer...sometimes the thought that should go into an answer is not there.

I'm sorry...

What should have been said was...Once you bond, little need to consecrate. Consecrate, you should bond.

The end result is the same…