Rune Study Group: Othala


O-‘thaw-la" (Ancestral property)

Boundaries; degree’s of relationships, that which is familial; property and well being.

Growth, customs and traditions are important. Kinship, of the clan. The relationship expressed in Gebo.

Freedom, inheritance

Productive interaction with outsiders. The Rune suggests that you need to find where you are at home. Returning mentally or physically to a place where you feel comfortable, and where you can be yourself.

The gain of wealth (immobile as opposed to Fehu, mobile wealth)

Merkstave meaning is that of a lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, and no zip code. What a man has bound himself to.

As a person, a leader.


Aswell as what Umbrae said, I see this Rune as a Rune of comfort, well-being, and 'riding off into the sunset'. To me, because of it's position amongst the order of the Runes, it has a 'World-Card' feeling, wher eyou just sit back in your comfortable chair, smoke your pipe, and reflect n the adventures you've had. ou've built all the foundations for your well-bein and comfort, and now you're enjoying them o their fullest.



It took me a minute to realize that this is what I pulled for today. The rune on the stone looks a little different than it does in my word document.

This is a wonderfully appropriate rune for me today! Today is my 8th anniversary of being with my husband (even though we've only been married for 2 years). We've made up most of the differences that caused us to argue for a few weeks, and we are looking forward to a night out on the weekend, the first in a long time.

I think our relationship has returned to where we are "comfortable" and I do feel rather wealthy; emotionally and spiritually.

R :)


This was my rune today. My books and printouts all stress home and family, something that is not really part of my life right now. I found it interesting that the meaning in this study thread is so much wider.

The whole family thing is such a positive thing when we have it, so I am having to be creative in ways to fill that need in myself.

I'm studying the ways and customs of my far back ancestors, rather than focusing on my recent ones only. I'm connecting to the earth and nature from places I've lived, and that my ancestors have lived. I'm spending some time remembering events that I barely remember and that I wasn't supposed to have taken note of.

I think one of my grandmothers was a witch :) I just recently remembered overhearing my mom whispering to another grown up about how scared she was as a child. I think I remember tarot being mentioned too. And I remember being stripped down and being searched for "the mark" when my mom wasn't there. I can't believe I'd forgotten all this, in the midst of my ultra conservative Christian childhood and very little contact with my maternal extended family.

And I think some of that ancestry must be deeper than I was told. Yes Grandma spoke French and was born in Canada, but where did her people come from before that with their flaming red hair? Did they use the runes? Was grandma just playing with witchcraft back in the 40s and 50s for kicks, or...oh my god I just remembered something else I had forgotten! I remember hearing my mom say a cousin had started an ancestory search, but discontinued it after being horrified at what they found. There was some horrible British colonial abuses and lots of witchcraft! And I think that was on her dad's side!

today I also got "Family Culture" in my unicorn deck, so I've really been dwelling on this today.

What deeply forgotten memories do you have of your family?

I was thinking of switching to the ogham because my English ancestory was the one stressed to me, but I think I do have family from rune country and people who probably used the runes.

The first time I held the runes in my hand...they felt Othala.

Oh....and in case you are wondering...I DO have the mark :) It's passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter. My mother was not the oldest daughter and does not have the mark. I am the oldest daughter and grandma found it lower on my leg, lowered and weakened by my mom, but there.

I know this is silly, but I am comforted by the idea that I have ancestors that loved nature and divination and that maybe I have some unknown instincts to explore in these areas, waiting to blossom.

I have no daughters to pass "the mark" onto, lowered and weakened as it is :-0 My sister is the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter. Whatever was, is over I guess :-0 Except through my aunt's line, who I no way of contacting. Weird!

So that's MY story of Othala :) What's yours???