Rune Study Group


I'm really thrilled. I've got a set of runes that have been waiting for me for ages and ages. Now I'm going to get them out and start bonding with them, thanks to you guys.


Yep been waiting for this, I have my special set of Onyx runes waiting for me in acigarette tin on my tv, but I think they'll be moving intoa bertie botts jellybean bag sinceIlove the feeling of shaking them hehe


Being a Sponge

Soaking up the knowledge. Bonding with my runes. Loving them very much (thank you again Umbrae. You're going to get tired of me saying that!)

Rhiannon :)



Runes should NEVER be stored on a TV!!!

I feel better now...A Bertie Botts bag is fine (I hate the sardine flavor, but love sardines).

Enjoy guys...


what are onyx runes?



Sounds exciting. I made myself a set of runes last year but haven't got round to doing much with them. Look forward to learning.


Onyx is a stone, black, oft times with white occlusions.

See folks, runes can be carved into wood, or stone. Or cast in pewter or other metals.

Nowadays, a lot of “New Age” (why is it that new age folks grab a hold of old age stuff and claim it as theirs?) folks say that Runes can only be stone or wood, that bone or antler having come from an animal (which may have died…gasp!) would be impure.

The old Norse and Teutonic races used bone and antler. Your own belief system will be at work here.

I strongly urge you away from some cheap clay, glass, or composite sets for sale out there.

The old traditionalists always stated that you had to carve your own. It was a way to learn. You were given the rune, and then spent all day carving it. Then you cut (you sliced your self open) yourself so you could “Bleed” into and color the rune.

Perhaps a little severe, but it did serve to “get your mind right”. The blood is not necessary.


thanks everyone.
i'm so glad you're doing this study group! i'll be hungrily reading your posts.
umbrae, i've been wanting to make my own set, but lacked the courage. your expert guidance may be just the incentive i need!


Umbrae: When I got my Rune set, I did the blood thing! (Everyone suddenly thinks Kiama is mad or evil, or both!)

Anyway, got some more cool info about the history of Runes... Malachite mentioned that their meanings were passed down orally, through Rune poems. I have a Chistianised version here, from around 800-900 CE.

F- Wealth is a comfort to everyone,
Yet each must give freely,
If he will glory in heaven.

U- The wild ox is fierce,
With horns above,
A bold fighter who steps the moor,
A mighy creature.

Th- Thorn is sharp to everyone,
Bad to take hold of,
Severe to those who rest among them.

A- Mouth is the origin of speech,
The support of wisdom,
And for everyone a blessing.

R- Riding in the hall is very pleasant,
It is more strenuous,
Sitting on a strong horse covering
The mile paths.

C, K, Q- Torch to all living is pale and bright,
It burns brightest,
Where noble folk rest.

G- Gift is for everyone,
Glory and exaltation,
And for the needy
Help and sustenance.

W, V- Joy is needed not
By those who have
little want or sorrow
And hath increased bliss.

H- Hail is the whitest of grains
It sweeps from the sky,
Is whirled by the wind
And turns into water.

N- Need is narrow in the breast,
But can often be a help,
If attended to early.

I- Ice is cold and slippery,
It glistens like glass,
It is as bright as gems,
The field wrought with frost,
Is fair to the sight.

J- Year of fruitfulness,
Is the hope of everyone,
When the Gods allow the Earth
To give her bright increase
To rich and poor.

E- Yew is outwardly a smooth tree,
Hard and fast in the Earth,
A shepherd of fire,
Twisted beneath with roots,
A pleasure on the land.

P- Chess is ever play ad laughter
To the proud,
Where the wariors sit
In the beer hall,
Cheerful together.

Z- Sedge grows in the fen,
Flourishing in the water,
Burning the blood
Of anyone who touches it.

S- Sun to the seafarer
Is always confidence of nobles,
It is ever moving
And in the darkness
Of night never rests.

T- Tir is a token
Which has a confidence
Of nobles,
It is ever moving
And in the darkness
Of night never rests.

B- Birch is fruitless
But bears twigs without increase,
It is beautiful in its branches,
Is laden with leaves,
Heavy in the air.

Ee- Horse is the joy of nobles,
Where heroes wealthy on
Their horses exchange words,
To be restless is a comfort.

M- Folk in their happiness
are dear to their kindred,
Yet all must depart
From each other,
Because of the gods commit
The body to the Earth.

L- Water to landfolk
Seems tedious,
If they venture forth in an unsteady boat,
The sea waves will foam,
And the sea-horse heeds
Not the bridle

Ing- Ing was first seen among
the eastern Danes,
Departing over the waves,
His wagon drawn behind,
Thus the warriors named him.

D= Day is the gods' messenger,
The light of the Gods,
Is happiness and consolidation
To rich and poor.

O- Home is the beloved of everyone,
If they can enjoy their
Rights and labour
And prosper in peace.

- Thomas Howard translation.

It is said that to understand the Runes, all you need to do is look at each one in turn and read the correct verse of the poem.

Runic Artifacts

- Oldest manuscript containing runic symbols is the 'Abecedarium Nordmannicum, from the 9th Century CE.

- A fourteenth century manuscript containing the laws of the province of Sconia is written entirely in Runes, and is known as the 'Codex Runicus'.

- We have wood-carvings depicting the use of runes in the 17th Century, by the Swedish forces, as a code to confuse Austrian intelligence.

- We also have various house markers, and stones inscribed with Runes, such as the stone found at Kylver, on the Baltic island of Gotland, which is the oldest known artifact to contain a complete row of runic insciption. (It is carved into early 5th century stone)

- In Vadstena in Ostergotland, Sweden, a stamped gold talisman with runes carved in it was found dating from the middle of the sixth century.

- In the Thames River in London, a well-preserved 9th century English single-edged iron sword was found, bearing the entire Anglo-Saxon rune row inlaid in brass and silver wire.

Hope this was interesting! *Kiama sighs as she hears lots of snoring and quiet dozing...*



are we gonna make our own runes here? rune for rune like umbrae described?
i think i'll make metal ones this time them, tell us upfront, coz we need to find the material to make em.