Rune Study Group


I do not know if Malachite will include a section on Rune stave creation.

Let’s hold off for a few sections until we get to the individual runes themselves.

Should you wish to make your own Rune staves, you will first need to ask yourself “what kind of material”? Wood, stone, antler, or bone? Go ahead and think, feel, contemplate and then gather the materials that you keep feeling about.


I will be posting a thread on making your own Rune set in a few days.... Bear with me!

Kiama :)



The runes were not ON the tv, they were on top of the entertainment center that holds the tv hehe (and theres about a foot gap between the top of the tv and the piece of wood thats the top of the entertainment center) but now they are in the jelly bean bag hanging from the celestial hook thing that I keep my tarot decks hanging from, soaking up the general divinitory atmosphere :)



Thanks a bucket Kiama, that will be a really useful thread for all of us runeless ones...



Why does my set have 25 Runes? One is blank. Maybe that's the 25th? Maybe it's there in case I lose one?


The 25th Rune isn't traditional, and was invented by Mr Ralph Blum in the 1980's to symbolise that which isn't in our hands... Kinda like Fate... It represents the unknown in a way...

It is optional. Some people prefer not to use it, some people prefer to kep it just in case they lose one, others like using it. Some even carve their own personal symbol onto it as a 25th Rune, but not Blank...

Its up to you Diana!



Well now! I have been so busy studying, I didn't have time to read the boards for a few weeks. Now I come here and there is this wonderful thread on Runes! How exciting! I hope I can participate on a regular basis. I have one more big paper to write this semester and then I have a break. I have several sets of Runes. Some of the sets I made myself and some were bought. My favorite set is one that I made from a Russian Olive tree and my second favorite is a hematite set I bought. I look forward to sharing ideas about Runes with all of you!