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Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill

Degree: 28
Number: 268



I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

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Sabian Symbol: An old bridge over a beautiful stream
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Conservation
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Right leg muscles
Crystal Element: Green Opal
Expression: Green Opals have a dominant green play of colour. Green Opal unites mind, body and spirit, restoring health and wellbeing.
Message: Fresh and energetic emotions, constructive thought and activity.
Sun Focus: Gentle and kind, you are always there for others when they need help and support.
Affirmation: I promote harmony, balance and inner peace in my life.



I got this answer from the oracle when asking for a description of how my boss relates to his assistant in the office.

There are only the three of us, the boss/owner, the assistant and myself. They have worked together for 20 years, I have been there for 15 months.

She has worked many years for him, but he does not seem to notice that she is always late or absent, or leaving early for some reason or other and that many work deadlines get missed and pile up, which has been going on for years. She can do whatever she likes and get away with it, she is also highly paid whether she is there or not, or does any work or not.

He must owe her from a previous lifetime? Nobody else on earth would employ this assistant!!!

The state of the office was completely neglected and a complete mess for years and years before I came. Nothing had been thrown away or put away, or organised for a very, very long time - well actually NEVER. A disaster area of the assitant's creation. If you wanted a particular form or something, you might find it in a pile on the floor somewhere.

I am a Virgo - in the space of working there a few weeks I had put all of the office straight and thrown away years of rubbish and old files, reorganised the office space and got the boss to order some new filing cabinets for the surplus files.

All the previous staff doing my job have left after only a short time, some of them very suddenly without notice - which was how I ended up getting the job when the other person did exactly that.

If the assistant is the stream, wild and primitive (certainly not responsible and effectual) this would describe her very well. However she is far from beautiful as a person who has no work conscience or ethic and is lazy. Her waters do not run pure and clear at all.

The boss and the business he runs represents the bridge of splendid heritage. He is oblivious of the stream, I think because he has looked over it for so long.


Dear charmvirgo,

take a look at the symbol before that one to see what lead to the situation.

It's interesting to see that the heritage is from unknown ages. Maybe you hit the nail when you spoke of a karmic debt.....perhaps they have connected in many life times. That would explain why he allows the assistant to do as she pleases.

Also, maybe he knows no better. If she has been there for a while, maybe he thinks she is as good as it gets.

She obviously doesn't make it pleasant for others that come into her environment, given the high turnover of staff. And, some people are intimidated or can't be bothered fighting the system and so, just leave. What star sign is the assistant?

I don't know that she represents the stream - she doesn't sound as though she is in the flow of life......perhaps more like a dam wall that is blocking the flow?

Interesting, the whole town where the rail bridge is located in my picture (card for this symbol) was moved after a serious flood. Rather than address the stream by changing the environment (perhaps say building levees etc), they decided it was easier to move the entire town. Hmm, that does sound like the effect your assistant has on her co-workers, doesn't it?

with love


Hi purple_scorp and thanks for your reply.
(I don't know why I am not receiving my notifications of new posts?)

The assistant is a Libra Sun. She has Mars in Scorpio in 3rd hourse and she is very, very sour in her words. Her mind is very sharp. She has a temper.
She shouts at me ALOT! Real volcano stuff. Three times last week, always when the boss is out.

Like you say, the boss does not know any better and is used to her.
I think she does not want anyone else to really get to know the job and show her up by being more efficient.

Yes she is a dam to the flow of energy.
I also compare her to an ugly toad living in the roots of a potentially magnificent tree and sapping the life from it.

In terms of the symbol answering my specific question, she is the unruly one while the boss is the stable structure and they exist in comparison to each other, as a relationship.


Hi charmvirgo.

Okay, a Libran sun, supposedly balanced....maybe there is too much Mars in her chart!

I'm interested, how do you cope with her outbursts? Does anybody ever challenge her?

with love


Hi purple_scorp

Her Sun is mid Libra but Venus the ruler is right on the cusp of Scorpio. Mars is also in Scorpio, so you are right, she has a strong Mars in its own sign.

People cannot challenge her, they are intimidated that's why they leave. The boss can't understand why!
It is just her and the boss who have known each other for years, plus one minor admin person (me) and it is a bit lonely being that third person who has no power or say.

The job itself is very easy, well paid, less hours (a half day off Fridays), good holidays and extra days off, and very close to my home. I have not been too lucky with jobs before and this is the 'best' one I've had - if not for her.
I won't be easily pushed out of it, regardless of whatever tension and arguments she brings.


Hi charmvirgo,

I am a libra asc......with four planets in scorp (incl sun). The libran in me is having a problem with the justice of your working conditions. The scorpion in me wants to lend you my tail, so you can snap her back into shape.

I have read that sometimes, the best way to deal with a person like her is to bounce her back - give her a taste of her own medicine - hold up a mirror so to speak. Treat her (and speak to her) exactly the same way that she does to you. You probably only need to do this once for shock value.

At the end of the day, you have to do what you have to do to get by.

Perhaps a little reverse psychology might work. Start sending her energy, love and light. And, one day, she might start being nice.

Good luck with it.

with love


Symbol - relationship of stable structure and wild/unruly

Thank you very much for your perceptive reply.

I am not really in a position to say alot because I'm worried it might affect my job, also it makes it worse to confront her with any kind of non-submission. I am quiet and reserved I don't make a big show of myself, I don't find my words very well either.

Mars being in her 3rd house (mind), she is a person who likes a competition of words. In her case this is not friendly or sporty and includes shouting. This is her own expression of Mars in Scorpio in 3rd, because thankfully not all are like her! She is truly one of a kind.

But I think her biggest problem really is her EGO (she has Leo rising) and a need for attention at all times - which is encouraged by the boss allowing her to do exactly what she likes, paying her a HUGE salary, even though she's not there half the time and not managing the workload, whilst he continues praising her to the skies. Nothing compares to her ego.
She never turns that criticism on herself because she is so cushioned and rose tinted all the time.

She is a power freak (Pluto in 1st) and I think here is her explosive side (rather than the Mars, which is more about self preservation and personal instinct).

Uranus is also there in 1st house and she is a most perverse person, I mean she always has to do the opposite thing of what is logical, or do it just to be annoying.