Sabian Symbols Study Group: Virgo 3 - #153


:) Welcome to the Sabian Symbol Oracle Study thread!

Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill

Sun Sign: VIRGO
Degree: 3
Number: 153



I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

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I think we were all born to create and bring what we learned back to our Creator. And we aren’t here to do it alone. Many have written and believe that when we incarnate we are blessed with guardian angels who offer us love and support at all times. Every child born is so very special! Guardian angels do not teach or give us lessons, they are said to protect and look out for us. But we have access to their knowledge which is usually done by traveling inward to the centre of oneself……where we face the unknown within. Reconnecting with our true selves, brings us to a place of fearlessness. Faith takes center stage and makes us brave when everything else tells us to run away.

Strong emotions are usually a catalyst for this kind of experience. They happen when our life is altered by events outside of us. In order to have faith we have to have a crisis in order to find it. It grows in us because we have been through something.

In purple_scorp’s image a child is protected by by two guardian angels. The child’s restless nature and erratic heartbeat now feels under control and evened. Do babies and toddlers see the angelic realm? We have been told they do, which is probably due to their flexible and transparent field of energy. This vibrant energy they possess is capable of being aware of the divine world. But as we grow we lose this innocence we once had becomes bogged down by the material world. We believe to make it in this world requires a lot of hard work and practice to make things right.

When everything in our life is going well, it’s easy to believe that things happen for a reason. It's easy to have faith. But when things start going wrong, it's very hard to hold on to that faith. Deepl personal issues are difficult for our logical minds to scan. What can help us in times of fear and enormous change? A spiritual practice of some kind……whatever force or energy you can relato to. Whatever stops you long enough to reflect and refocus into present time.

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I DO love this symbol - I had a picture of a guardian angel when I was little - I KNOW I have a REAL one (at least one) by my side always

Angel of God, my guardian dear To whom God's love commits me here; Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard, to rule and guide.

Virgo 3
Birthdays: August 25th–26th
Numerology: 153
Sabian Symbol: Two Guardian Angels bringing protection
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Security
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Appendix, caecum
Crystal Element: Angelite (Blue Anhydrite)
Expression: Angelite is a blue-lilac, calcium sulphate, sedimentary mineral. Use Angelite to connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels.
Message: Serene, graceful, safe, and abundantly blessed.
Sun Focus: Angels protect and guide you; with this belief you inspire others to have faith that one is never alone.
Affirmation: I ask my guardian angel to light, guide, and guard my way.


Ha - and from looking at your pic purple_scorp I SEE DIVINE BALANCE - that would ensure perfection :)


Okay, this symbol reminds me of a childhood book I had. It was called "Angel Child" and the copy I have shows "Copyright 1946 by Rand McNally & Company" inside the front cover. It is an old book and one that is falling apart. I obviously read it a lot as a child! (Oh, I found a photo of it on the net - attached).

Basically, here's what happens: Peter and Patty are playing outside and find a baby angel (with wings) caught in a tree. They help the baby down and then try to claim it as their own baby (lovingly, of course). In the end, they care for the baby. One day, the baby is having a swing and whoosh...the swing breaks loose. Baby does not fall though, baby's wings carry it home to angel land.

Hmm, maybe I should redo this card with a photo of my book!

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