Sabians and crystals - draft


Sabians and crystals


Here is a list sabian symbols and crystals/minerals/metals that may go along with them - I call them crystal elements.
Ill post each star sign separately.
ANY comments and suggestions :)
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01° 1 A woman rises out of water, a seal embraces her. Realization Obsidian black
02° 2 An entertaining comedian. Release Orange Aventurine
03° 3 A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country. Exploitation Black Onyx
04° 4 Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk. Enjoyment Chrysoprase
05° 5 A triangle with golden wings. Zeal Herkimer Diamond
06° 6 A square brightly lighted on one side. Set Galena
07° 7 A man successfully expressing himself in two realms. Proficiency Ametrine
08° 8 A large hat with streamers flying, facing east. Excitation Banded Agate
09° 9 A crystal gazer. Acuteness Quartz Crystal (ball)
10° 10 A man teaching new forms for old symbols. Interpretation Fossils
11° 11 The president of the country. Idealization Green Aventurine
12° 12 A flock of wild geese. Insouciance Barite
13° 13 A bomb fails to explode. Impetuousness Sodalite
14° 14 A serpent coiling near a man and a woman. Revelation Serpentinite
15° 15 An Indian woman weaving a blanket. Diligence Agatized/Silicified Dinosaur Bone
16° 16 Brownies dancing in the setting sunlight. Invigoration Boulder Opal
17° 17 Two prim spinsters. Divorcement Halite
18° 18 An empty hammock. Rumination Cape Amethyst
19° 19 A magic carpet flying Panorama Black tektite
20° 20 A young girl feeding birds in winter. Hospitality Rhodochrosite
21° 21 A boxing fighter enters the ring. Exertion Hematite
22° 22 The gate to the garden of desire. Prospect Faceted White Diamond
23° 23 A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Reticence Green Hiddenite (spodumene)
24° 24 An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia. Munificence Alexandrite
25° 25 A double promise reveals inner and outer meanings. Sensibility Banded Iron/tiger iron
26° 26 A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold. Equipment Elbaite - mulicoloured tourmaline
27° 27 Lost opportunity regained through imagination. Reformulation Red Garnet - pyrope
28° 28 A large disappointed audience. Disjunction Sard
29° 29 An angelic choir singing. Veneration Celestite
30° 30 A pond, a duck and ducklings. Reliability Rhyolite - rain forest jasper



Degree Number Symbol Keyword
01° 31 A clear mountain stream. Resourcefulness Colourless Spinel
02° 32 An electrical storm. Transformation Electrum
03° 33 Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover. Hopefulness Moss agate (green)
04° 34 The rainbow's pot of gold. Faith Goldstone
05° 35 A widow at an open grave. Reorientation Geode (fortification agate)
06° 36 A bridge being built across a gorge. Channelship Astrophyllite
07° 37 A woman of Samaria. Awakening Soapstone
08° 38 A sleigh without snow. Sustainment Larvikite
09° 39 A Christmas tree brightly decorated. Symbolization Fuchsite
10° 40 A Red Cross nurse. Enlistment Red Calcite
11° 41 A woman sprinkling flowers. Care Rhodonite
12° 42 Window-shoppers. Visualization Rhinestone
13° 43 A man handling baggage. Industry Bauxite
14° 44 Shellfish groping and children playing. Emergence Mother of pearl - Pink nacre
15° 45 A man muffled up, with a stylish silk hat. Sophistication Wulfenite
16° 46 An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries. Pertinacity Clay (Kaolinite)
17° 47 A battle between the swords and the torches. Resolution Jacinth (orange zircon)
18° 48 A woman holding a bag out of a window. Facilitation Anthophyllite
19° 49 A newly formed continent. Originality Olivine
20° 50 Wind clouds and haste. Exaltation Blue Howlite
21° 51 A finger pointing in an open book. Confirmation Slate
22° 52 White dove over troubled waters. Guidance Dioptase
23° 53 A jewelry shop. Preservation Emerald
24° 54 A mounted Indian with scalp locks. Command Red Jasper
25° 55 A large well-kept public park. Recreation Brazilianite - brasilianite
26° 56 A Spaniard serenading his senorita. Constancy Rubellite red tourmaline
27° 57 A 'indian woman' selling beads. Detachment Turquoise
28° 58 A woman pursued by mature romance. Persuasion Morganite
29° 59 Two cobblers working at a table. Capability Gabbro (blackstone)
30° 60 A peacock parading on an ancient lawn. Aloofness Peacock ore (bornite)


Gemini Symbols

Gemini Symbols
01° 61 A glass-bottomed boat in still water. Curiosity Petoskey Stone
02° 62 Santa Claus filling stockings furtively. Prodigality Red Agate
03° 63 The garden of the Tuileries. Luxury Orthoclase
04° 64 Holly and mistletoe. Ritualization Watermelon Tourmaline
05° 65 A radical magazine. Tangency Crazy lace agate
06° 66 Drilling for oil. Speculation Augite
07° 67 An old-fashioned well. Recompense Limestone
08° 68 An industrial strike. Protest Smokey quartz dark
09° 69 A quiver filled with arrows. Preparation Flint
10° 70 An airplane falling. Crisis Eudialyte
11° 71 A new path of realism in experience. Identification Tsavorite garnet
12° 72 A Topsy saucily asserting herself. Growth Cubic zirconia
13° 73 A great musician at his piano. Achievement Cinnabar / cinnabar opal
14° 74 A conversation by telepathy. Intimation Tanzanite
15° 75 Two Dutch children talking. Clarification Aplite -dalmatian stone
16° 76 A woman suffragist haranguing. Indignation Green Calcite
17° 77 Head of health dissolved into the head of mentality. Development Banded Amethyst - chevron
18° 78 Two Chinese men talking Chinese. Difference Green Jade - jadeite
19° 79 A large archaic volume. Background Lavender quartz
20° 80 A cafeteria. Supply Tin
21° 81 A labor demonstration. Representation Bronzite
22° 82 A barn dance. Gregariousness Clear Apophyllite - white
23° 83 Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. Elevation Green Quartz (nickel quartz)
24° 84 Children skating on ice. Fun Siberian quartz
25° 85 A man trimming palms. Enhancement Petrified palm wood
26° 86 Winter frost in the woods. Splendor Snow Quartz
27° 87 A gypsy coming out of the forest. Expenditure Smithsonite - all colours
28° 88 A man declared bankrupt. Deliverance Nickel
29° 89 The first mockingbird in spring. Quickening Hessonite
30° 90 Bathing beauties. Charm Larimar - blue pectolite



01° 91 A furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel. Adaptability Sphalerite
02° 92 A man suspended over a vast level place. Contemplation Mica muscovite
03° 93 A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer. Indomitability Variscite
04° 94 A cat arguing with a mouse. Justification Cat's Eye (chrysoberyl)
05° 95 An automobile wrecked by a train. Dispersion Grossular Garnet
06° 96 Game birds feathering their nests. Meticulousness Ruby in Zoisite
07° 97 Two fairies on a moonlit night. Ascendancy Nebula Stone - eldarite
08° 98 Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade. Appropriation Pumice
09° 99 A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish. Inclination Snowflake Obsidian
10° 100 A large diamond not completely cut. Latency Raw Diamond
11° 101 A clown making grimaces. Inimitability Fools Gold chalcopyrite
12° 102 A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message. Materialization Chinese Writing Stone (porphyrite)
13° 103 One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb. Determination Shattuckite
14° 104 A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast. Sanction Rainbow Obsidian
15° 105 A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it. Satiety Vesuvianite/Idocrase
16° 106 A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him. Profundity Bismuth
17° 107 The germ grows into knowledge and life. Unfoldment Green Fluorite
18° 108 A hen scratching for her chicks. Provision Phlogopite
19° 109 A priest performing a marriage ceremony. Conformity Rose Gold
20° 110 Gondoliers in a serenade. Sentiment Ruby
21° 111 A prima donna singing. Excellence Vanadinite
22° 112 A woman awaiting a sailboat. Equanimity Avalonite
23° 113 Meeting of a literary society. Criticism Thulite
24° 114 A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south. Inception Rutilated Quartz
25° 115 A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder. Destiny Magnetite
26° 116 Contentment and happiness in luxury, people reading on davenports. Repose Sinhalite
27° 117 A storm in a canyon. Intensification Jet
28° 118 A modern Pocahontas. Compatibility Scapolite
29° 119 A Muse weighing twins. Value Yellow Gold
30° 120 A Daughter of the American Revolution. Inheritance Greenstone - green jasper



01° 121 Emotional stress blood rushes to the head. Irresistibility Brecciated Jasper
02° 122 An epidemic of mumps. Infection Green Spinel
03° 123 A woman having her hair bobbed. Decision Pyrolusite - Manganese dendrites
04° 124 A man formally dressed and a deer with its horns folded. Morale Hornblende
05° 125 Rock formations at the edge of a precipice. Endurance Sandstone
06° 126 An old-fashioned woman and an up-to-date girl. Contrast Peridot
07° 127 The constellations in the sky. Surety Star Sapphire
08° 128 A Bolshevik propagandist. Leaven Charoite
09° 129 Glass blowers. Deftness Prase
10° 130 Early morning dew. Rejuvenation Cavansite
11° 131 Children on a swing in a huge oak tree. Delight Tree Agate-Dendritic Agate
12° 132 An evening lawn party. Companionship Richterite
13° 133 An old sea captain rocking. Retrospect Paua shell
14° 134 The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression. Ingenuousness Kunzite
15° 135 A pageant. Demonstration Opalite
16° 136 Sunshine just after a storm. Recovery Yellow Fluorite
17° 137 A nonvested church choir. Communion Gold Calcite - honey
18° 138 A teacher of chemistry. Instruction Plasma - green chalcedony
19° 139 A houseboat party. Congeniality Apatite Green
20° 140 The Zuni sun worshipers. Fidelity Sunstone
21° 141 Chickens intoxicated. Accentuation Aegirine
22° 142 A carrier pigeon. Enlightenment Violane
23° 143 A bareback rider. Audacity Heliodor
24° 144 An untidy, unkempt man. Imperturbability Sulphur
25° 145 A large camel crossing the desert. Adequacy Desert rose selenite/ sandrose
26° 146 A rainbow. Significance Rainbow Fluorite
27° 147 Daybreak. Genesis Citrine
28° 148 Many little birds on the limb of a large tree. Ramification Blue opal
29° 149 A mermaid. Importunity Aqua-Aura quartz (blue quartz)
30° 150 An unsealed letter. Confidence Atacamite



01° 151 A man's head. Character Malachite
02° 152 A large white cross upraised. Glorification White Gold
03° 153 Two angels bringing protection. Security angelite
04° 154 A colored child playing with white children. Intimacy Zebra marble
05° 155 A man dreaming of fairies. Outlook Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite
06° 156 A merry-go-round. Diversion Cassiterite
07° 157 A harem. Restraint Freshwater pearls
08° 158 First dancing instruction. Assistance Mangano Calcite
09° 159 A man making a futurist drawing. Experiment Turitella Jasper
10° 160 Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. Intelligence Iolite
11° 161 A boy molded in his mother's aspiration for him. Exaction Cluster Quartz Crystal
12° 162 A bride with her veil snatched away. Invitation Marcasite
13° 163 A strong hand supplanting political hysteria. Power epidote
14° 164 A family tree. Gentility pink fluorite
15° 165 An ornamental handkerchief. Gracefulness Pink Lace Agate
16° 166 An orangutan. Dexterity Crocoite
17° 167 A volcano in eruption. Explosion Apache Tear
18° 168 A ouija board. Acumen Golden Beryl
19° 169 A swimming race. Elimination Blue Calcite
20° 170 An automobile caravan. Variety Chromite
21° 171 A girls' basketball team. Expression Boji Stones
22° 172 A royal coat of arms. Prerogative Blue Sapphire
23° 173 An animal trainer. Resoluteness Yellow Topaz
24° 174 24 Mary and her white lamb. Artlessness Gypsum
25° 175 A flag at half-mast. Respect Black Marble
26° 176 A boy with a censer. Rapture Moqui Marbles (limonite balls)
27° 177 Grande dames at tea. Aplomb Wollastonite
28° 178 A bald-headed man. Dominance Black Spinel
29° 179 A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading. Discovery Heulandite
30° 180 A false call unheard in attention to immediate service. Safeguard Eilat stone



01° 181 A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it. Articulation White Opal - light opal
02° 182 The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh. Threshold Moldavite
03° 183 The dawn of a new day, everything changed. Innovation rutilated Quartz, yellow
04° 184 A group around a campfire. Amiability Fire Opal
05° 185 A man teaching the true inner knowledge. Affinity Lithium Quartz
06° 186 The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized. Personification Lazulite
07° 187 A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks. Shrewdness Hawks (Falcon) eye - blue tiger eye
08° 188 A blazing fireplace in a deserted home. Guardianship Fire Agate
09° 189 Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. Accord Picasso Marble
10° 190 A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters. Competency Indicolite blue tourmaline
11° 191 A professor peering over his glasses. Specialization Chalk
12° 192 Miners emerging from a mine. Escape Azurite - Malachite
13° 193 Children blowing soap bubbles. Enchantment Strawberry Quartz
14° 194 A noon siesta. Recuperation Green Apophyllite
15° 195 Circular paths. Congruity Ammolite
16° 196 A boat landing washed away. Respite Blue Fluorite
17° 197 A retired sea captain. Relaxation White/clear Fluorite
18° 198 Two men placed under arrest. Consequence Californite (vesuvanite)
19° 199 A gang of robbers in hiding. Divergence Black tourmaline schorl
20° 200 A Jewish rabbi. Heritage Violet Spinel
21° 201 A crowd upon the beach. Exhilaration Sea Shells
22° 202 A child giving birds a drink at a fountain. Solicitude Tugtupite
23° 203 Chanticleer. Fervor Moukaite mookaite
24° 204 A third wing on the left side of a butterfly. Distinctiveness Piemontite
25° 205 Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf. Tact Unakite (epidote feldspar)
26° 206 An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other. Adeptness Spectrolite (labradorite)
27° 207 An airplane hovering overhead. Reflection Black (Mirror) Hypersthene
28° 208 A man in the midst of brightening influences. Responsiveness Laguna Agate
29° 209 Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge. Rationality Uvarovite - garnet
30° 210 Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head. Prescience Amazonite



01° 211 A sight-seeing bus. Friendliness Zebra rock (printstone)
02° 212 A broken bottle and spilled perfume. Permeation Star Ruby
03° 213 A house-raising. Helpfulness Aegirine-augite
04° 214 A youth holding a lighted candle. Reliance Lemurian Seed Crystals
05° 215 A massive, rocky shore. Stabilization Stromatolite
06° 216 A gold rush. Ambition Gold in Quartz
07° 217 Deep-sea divers. Involvement Pearl (ocean)
08° 218 The moon shining across a lake. Rapport Moonstone - feldspar
09° 219 Dental work Practicality Magnesite rock
10° 220 A fellowship supper. Fraternity Dravite
11° 221 A drowning man rescued. Safety Goshenite
12° 222 An embassy ball. Display Blue Diamond
13° 223 An inventor experimenting. Cleverness Strontianite
14° 224 Telephone linemen at work. Attachment Copper
15° 225 Children playing around five mounds of sand. Naivete Sand
16° 226 A girl's face breaking into a smile. Acquiescence Albite
17° 227 A woman the father of her own child. Nucleation Kimberlite
18° 228 A woods rich in autumn coloring. Fulfillment Yellow tourmaline
19° 229 A parrot listening and then talking. Conventionality Wardite
20° 230 A woman drawing two dark curtains aside. Daring Vivianite
21° 231 A soldier derelict in duty. Deviation Zoisite
22° 232 Hunters starting out for ducks. Enterprise Andradite (garnet)
23° 233 A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy. Transition Lepidolite
24° 234 Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man. Appeal Meteorite (iron nickel)
25° 235 An X ray. Investigation Quartz - with inclusions
26° 236 Indians making camp. Extemporization Spessartite garnet
27° 237 A military band on the march. Intrepidity Golden Topaz
28° 238 The king of the fairies approaching his domain. Allegiance Peruvian Blue Opal - chrysopal andean opal
29° 239 An Indian 'woman' pleading to the chief for the lives of her children. Effectiveness Nephrite Jade Actinolite
30° 240 The Halloween jester. Spontaneousness Poppy jasper



01° 241 A Grand Army of the Republic campfire. Reminiscence Tiger eye with falcon eye
02° 242 The ocean covered with whitecaps. Irrepressibility White agate (peace agate)
03° 243 Two men playing chess. Ability Verdite
04° 244 A little child learning to walk. Individuality Gaspeite
05° 245 An old owl up in a tree. Normality Petrified - opalised wood
06° 246 A game of cricket. Sportsmanship Blue Aventurine
07° 247 Cupid knocking at the door. Allurement Paraiba Tourmaline
08° 248 Rocks and things forming therein. Composition Mahogany Obsidian
09° 249 A mother with her children on stairs. Education Lavender jade
10° 250 A golden-haired goddess of opportunity. Reward Yellow Sapphire
11° 251 The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple. Reconciliation Alabaster (gypsum)
12° 252 A flag that turns into an eagle that crows. Adjustment Diopside
13° 253 A widow's past brought to light. Rectification Yellow Calcite
14° 254 The Pyramids and the Sphinx. Certification Lapis Lazuli
15° 255 The ground hog looking for its shadow. Reassurance Siderite
16° 256 Sea gulls watching a ship. Alertness Hemimorphite
17° 257 An Easter sunrise service. Rebirth yellow prehnite
18° 258 Tiny children in sunbonnets. Innocence Sugilite
19° 259 Pelicans moving their habitat. Frontier Agate - water agate
20° 260 Men cutting through ice. Procurement Blue topaz
21° 261 A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses. Examination Biotite (birthing stones)
22° 262 A Chinese laundry. Seclusion water opal
23° 263 Immigrants entering. Entrance Blue Chalcedony
24° 264 A bluebird standing at the door of the house. Fortune Blue lace agate chalcedony-blue banded
25° 265 A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse. Emulation Alunite
26° 266 A flag-bearer. Nobility Rhodolite garnet
27° 267 A sculptor. Immortalization White Marble
28° 268 An old bridge over a beautiful stream. Conservation Green Opal
29° 269 A fat boy mowing the lawn. Participation Sphene (green)
30° 270 The Pope. Sanctity Amethyst (Dark purple)



01° 271 An Indian chief demanding recognition. Inflexibility Limonite
02° 272 Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment. Commemoration Serpentine (China Jade)
03° 273 The human soul receptive to growth and understanding. Avidity Prehnite green
04° 274 A party entering a large canoe. Ordering Purpurite
05° 275 Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance. Mobilization Red adventurine
06° 276 A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom. Thoroughness Black Opal
07° 277 A veiled prophet of power. Supremacy Purple Fluorite - violet
08° 278 Birds in the house singing happily. Establishment Danburite
09° 279 An angel carrying a harp. Attunement Euclase
10° 280 An albatross feeding from the hand. Nurture Chlorite
11° 281 A large group of pheasants. Illimitability Eclogite
12° 282 A student of nature lecturing. Explanation Chloromelanite
13° 283 A fire worshiper. Magic Pyrite
14° 284 An ancient bas-relief carved in granite. Foundation Granite
15° 285 Many toys in the children's ward of a hospital. Abundance White Howlite
16° 286 Boys and girls in gymnasium suits. Animation Oolite (iron oolite)
17° 287 A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude. Immersion Iceland spar (clear calcite)
18° 288 The Union Jack. Supervision Red spinel
19° 289 A child of about five with a huge shopping bag. Expectation Plum agate
20° 290 A hidden choir singing. Worship Petalite
21° 291 A relay race. Fitness Covellite
22° 292 A general accepting defeat gracefully. Expediency Basalt
23° 293 Two awards for bravery in war. Recognition Bloodstone - heliotrope
24° 294 A woman entering a convent. Consecration White Onyx - aragonite calcite
25° 295 An oriental-rug dealer. Consignment Bustamite
26° 296 A water sprite. Restlessness Chrysocolla
27° 297 A mountain pilgrimage. Perseverance Green Tourmaline - verdelite
28° 298 A large aviary. Community Milk Opal
29° 299 A woman reading tea leaves. Signature Leopard skin jasper
30° 300 A secret business conference. Opportunity Conglomerate