Sacred Circle, Judgment


not in the book, but...

MeeWah said:
Based on research of some time ago, it seems the mathematical features of pyramids in Egypt, South America, China; a temple in Palestine; & Stonehenge in England track the path of the Sun.
For the builders of Stonehenge, the Mayan pyramids, and other ancient
'observatories' keeping track of the heavens was a very important job.
It was especially important for farmers. They truely needed a way to
follow the movements of the Sun...

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The book dosen't really go into that, MeeWah, it pretty well just sticks to only celtic stuff. It gives really good detail and a very clear and coherent presentation of the celtic wordview and pagan beliefs of the time. It goes deeper than the usual few-sentence gloss-over you get in most "celtic" tarot books.
I can't reccomend it highly enough...odly enough, I found the book before I found the deck, and then went looking for the deck :D

And Fulgour--of course you are the one who has the information MeeWah was looking for. :) I don't know how you do it! Either you have one heck of an education, or your're an absolute demon with a search engine. :D


Magpie9: Thanks very for the info on the book. Have an aversion to Tarot books but this one sounds different & worth a try. The deck's images very haunting & familiar.

I would be interested in a Sacred Circle Study Group (as if I really need yet another project).

Fulgour: Thanks very much, too, for the link. The precision of the ancient structures impressive considering the supposed lack of technical knowledge then--just indicates how little really known of the ancient cultures & their peoples.


MeeWah, You may have something there!

A Sacred Circle Study Group would certainly make the procrastenators amoung us (that would be ME) get down to business with this deck. There is so much there, it seems a shame to not get into it more deeply !

I've never really gotton into a study Group, been such a solitary all my life, (except when teaching,) that I don't quite know how they work. duuh.
But I bet you do !

I think floracove might be interested, and there are probably few others here who would be. Maybe Red Emma?

Shall we see if anyone else shows up on this thread? How many people would be enough for a start? 3? 4?
Or does one post a new thread and see if anybody shows up??


I am not sure how many are needed to start a study group, but as many as possible because some will depart for one reason or another. The more threads & posts (related to the subject, of course), the better the chance to maintain a viable group. & perhaps eventually be eligible for a bona-fide forum of our own! Maintaining the interest & commitment are the challenges as most tend to have other interests &/or commitments.

Though tend to prefer solitary work, in the past I have been involved in RL study group work as an organizer/lead & participant several times over for specific purposes.

Currently involved in a Vertigo Tarot study of which the participants have apparently dwindled. Only one other person besides me shows up fairly regularly: etal.

Edited to add: post a thread asking for a show of interest. & PM those ye think would be.


This is something I need to sleep on,( or maybe even read on) but it is a really attractive idea. :)


Hi everyone,

There used to be a Sacred Circle Study group - if you decide to start it up again I'll dig out the old threads for you :)


moderator - General Study Groups


((((((Sulis)))))) Thanks!

Would love to see if we can make a go of it.


So I slept on it and read on it and absolutely feel it is the way to go!

So Let's Do It!!
It seemed to me that it would be interesting to do the cards in a different order than usual. We could do them in the order of what puzzles us, or particulary interests us. Just as Red Emma asked about Judgement/rebirth---and inadvertaly started this whole thing--we could put up another interesting card next. Like, say, the Underworld or the Web, or even a (gasp ) :eek: minor. There is so much celtic symbolism in any of the cards that we really can, IMO, start anywhere. :)

What do you think, MeeWah?


oooh, I'm in...

I'll have to see if I can locate them in storage, but I'm sure their on top.