Sacred Circle, Judgment


Magpie9: I like the idea of studying in no particular order.

In leaving the lesson to Universe, even to chance, the random itself can contain an order in presenting a focus for study.

Each of us can take turns to draw a card; or choose a card that challenges or resonates. Whichever way speaks to the individual in charge of the draw at the time. This way, we can be somewhat assured of a random layer that yet offers an opportunity for an individual &/or group "message". & the possibility of encountering a minor arcana rather than a Major Arcana.

How does that strike?


Maybe we can start with the Warrior, #8 since Red Emma has questions about it. If there is anyone y'all can think of who might be interested in joining, please PM them. As MeeWah said, the more people in it, the more chance for success. :)


I feel a little stupid. I have looked through my deck twice and I can't see a card named Judgement. Is it possible I have a different version than you or have I missed something?


study group

I'd like to take part in a study group with no particular order.



the card is no 20 rebirth